Saturday, July 31, 2004


Final response by Yuki Suzuki

When I finished reading this book "A step from heaven", I was thinking what the author, Anna wanted tell readers like us. In the beginning of this book, Apa, Young Ju, and Uhmma came to U.S to make new start in life with some expectation, but they had some changes in life, culture and thoughts. I think all description through the life of Young Ju in this book has messages. For example, in the middle of this book, there were description that "Men have to be strong"(pp66), but after Apa's going back to Korea, strong women like Young andUhmma were portraited. Addition to this, Apa has had a pride to behave as a father, as a Korean, so he felt very frustrated when Young or others hurt his pride. In the last of this book, the family tied up each other in bond and had house their own after they decided to stay in U.S. It seems like they are heading for the hopeful future, but in contrast, Uhmma said that "These are my hands, Young Ju" as if she knows her fate in the future. We, people have the fates, some fates can be changed by efforts but not necessary all fate can be. However, I think the most imortant thing is doing the our best in the extent what we can do, and helping each other.


last response from Amelia

The last part is about Apa being caught by the police because he abused Ama and Young Ju. The next morning when Ama wants to pick Apa up, Apa goes away with another woman. Sometimes later, Gomo came to where Ama work at and tell Ama that Apa is going back to Korea. Gomo wants to let Ama stays with him but Ama refuses. Young ju and Joon work at the ice cream stall to help out Mr jim. In the end, Ama manage to save up some money to move to a better house with Joon and Young. Young get a scholarship from her college and will be leaving the house. The last part really touch me because this is the part that Ama turns into a strong lady and manage to save up a lot of money to move to a better house. After Apa leaves the family, the three of them work together and become closer to each other. Joon, who always complain that he doesn’t have enough time with his friends still willing to help out to get some money for the groceries Young is so intelligent and able to get a scholarship from the college that she is going to. Life without Apa is so much better and more peaceful. However, I’m wondering what is happening to Apa. This story has encouraged me to be brave to face all the obstacles in order to adjust to the foreign culture in the U.S.

Friday, July 30, 2004


daisy last response

The final parts of the book portrayed the changes in Young Ju’s family life. As his father tried to kill her mother, Ju tried to call 911 and hoped that her action was not too late to save her mom. After went out of jail, her father went with another girl that mysteriously came from nowhere. The next scene of Ju’s family life was portray with Ju’s mom that work three jobs back to back, moreover, Ju and Joon had to work for the pocket money where they used half of their money for the weekly grocery. Despite their struggle, I notice the sense of relief for Ju, Joon and her mom after Apa left. In a sense they build a strong bond between each other even though they have to survive without their father, for example, Joon works at Kinko’s, Young Ju helps them financially by tutoring, her mom are working as full time worker at the restaurant. I totally admired Ju’s mom decision to stay in America. She thoughtfully thought about her two children. In a way, she wanted her children to have a better live than her. I am so glad that they are having a quality time after Apa left to Korea. In addition, I learn a great deal from the book. It gives me a sense that the unity of family is important and each family member has to work it out to make it happen.


A Stair From Heaven (Led Yuki shimizu)

As one of the reader of “A Step from Heaven”, I appreciate the chance given to read about the experience which I also went through.  The final part of the book describe changes in Young Ju’s family which starts from Apa’s leaving from the U.S. to Young Ju’s leaving to go to the college.  I think the main topic here is how the family react Apa’s leaving.  Now that they decided not to go back their home country, Korea, with Apa, I swear that they felt relief with being at home.  Their reliefs appear as the way of spending time at the house.  They are doing whatever they want such as listening to laud music, drawing pictures, studying, and changing coordination of house.  I am so glad that they are having a wonderful time after he left.  At the same time, we cannot forget that they also have a hard time to make money for their living.  Joon works at Kinko’s, Young Ju helps them financially by tutoring, her mom are working as full time worker at the restaurant.  Even though they need to work to survive without a father, this difficulty took a significant role to bond together with the family.  In the long run, they gave a great lesson to know the unity of family and relationship between mom and her children.   
            Reading of this material gave me the though of importance of family.  When It have passed four years since I left my home, I absolutely agree with the saying, “blood is thicker than water”.  I think my mom and also dad (maybe) must be on my side, even if everybody else will turn to be an enemy.  Whenever I felt depression, loneliness, or sadness, they are the one who listen to our talk seriously.  Also, we can share our joy, happiness, or ever tiny things such as what is going on at my school.  I love my family and spending a time with my family. And I hope same as Young Ju’s family.    

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


response to Yuki Shimizu by Anthony

Yes, I agree with you, Yuki. I also feel he is the luckiest one because she can to United States with his family. However, due to we are the international students, we have to face everything that I have never encountered in the before. If I was he, I will never do this to my family. I think the father of Young Ju was too selfish and very easy to get angry with anyone, especially his family. Although this may be the culture of his country, I didn’t agree with him at all. I believe that violence can solve any problem and it will cause more trouble than before. In Hong Kong, due to everyone is living in small area. It is easy to have arguer with others, especially with family. However, they choice violence to solve this arguer; Finally, it will cause more problem out. If Young Ju’s father can try to learn how to love his family, wife, daughter and son, I think he will not in jail. I also think the action of Young Ju is right because she should do this, call the police. Young Ju should being a strong person because she have to save her mother from being control under his father.

Sunday, July 25, 2004


daisy's response to yuki shimizu

Hi Yuki, I read your response to Lisa's. It's really straight foward and I have the same oppinion as you. I can say that it is really hard to live in todays world. The world is no longer save for children and us anymore. Violence is everywhere. Truthfully, I cannot blame parents in general because I know they work hard for us kids. The harsh and competitiveness environment sometimes shape them to be like that. Either they are depress because they cannot make himself and their family happy by being a regular 40 hours a week workers or they cannot forgive themselves for what they did in the past and try to blame others person for what they did. Sometimes, I wish that Ju's dad can learn from his mistake and try to be a better parents for his children. But you cannot change the story as you read it. Hopefully, paretns can realize that violance do no good for their kids. Research shown that children that came from a violance family or abusive parent can turn out to be like their parents when they grew up.



I was amazed when Young Ju said that her mom too can have choices in America (129). As a Korean grew up America, Ju’s realized that she has choices and she wanted her mom to realize that. Actually, the freedom of choices for women in America was not limited to American women but for all women who live in America. Nevertheless, Ju’s mom pretended to ignore her by looks into the mirror and applies some lipstick. When I put myself in Ju’s mom position, probably I would not do the same thing as she did. I will defend myself and tries to find a way to resolve the problems. It is so true that Asian women are very obedient and devoted to their husband, but it does not mean that their husband can take them for granted for what they do for the family. From the previous chapters that I read, I know that she is a strong woman because she could survive her mean husband. But at the same time, she put her misery within herself and that was not good. Moreover, it was relieving to know that Ju grew up to be a strong woman like her mom. I admired for her spirit to move on into a better life by being a top A’s student. In a way Ju inspired her mom to move on with her life and be there for her children. This part of the novel was tremendous heartbreaking to me. It was full of emotion and I sometimes could feel the pain of Ju and her mom. Furthermore, I cannot stop cursing Ju’s dad for his bad habits: to beat his kids. But overall, I like this part of the book better (p117-137) cause it was full of moral lessons for me. 



response to Vonny

    Vonny's response is how Apa hit his wife and his daughter. it is taken for granted that everyone blames Young Ju's father's violence toward his family. The violence can not be justified by any reasons. Especially, children violence is so serious problem that the law should punish any person who uses his fist toward children.
    However, we should know what made him changed before accusing him. We also need to understand the situation that his family faced. I wonder why Young Ju's mother did not try to solve the problem and why they did not talk to each other about the matter that spouse has. If they tried to understand each other’s problems, they could avoid the violence. Consequently, having no conversation made the situation worse, and then caused violence.  


4th response fro Seon Cheol Yoon

The conclusion is so bad. I wanted a happy ending, but Young Ju's father went to Korea, leaving this family in the America that he considered as Heaven. You can imagine how hard Young Ju's mother works for her children. Especially, the last part of the novel describes the pleasure that Young Ju and her mother buy the new house for the first time in America. This made me smile. I was very happy when I read this last part. Most Korean immigrants may start their lives like Young Ju's mother, and many of them may have similar experience that Apa left America alone. As you know immigration is not a happy dream but starting ordeals. I realized that it is not easy to make decision of immigration throughout the novel, and I also feel the difficulty of my uncle who immigrated to Canada about 30 years ago. If Young Ju’s family lived in Korea, Would they make better life then in America? , And would it be the best choice to go to America? Some people say that you also can be successful in Korea with the same efforts if you exert yourself to be successful in America. I totally agree to this. If I were Young Ju’s father, I would stay in Korea. Nowadays, many Koreans are preparing for immigration to countries whose first language is English. They say the purpose that they try to immigrate is for their children. It is so-called immigration for education in Korea. The first generation of immigration was for surviving, the second generation of immigration is for better future of their children.


Response to Lisa's opinion (from Po-Kai)

____In Lisa’s response, I agree with Lisa that pressure or stress changes Young Ju’s Apa. From the last part of “A Step from Heaven”, AnNa’s mother shows her some pictures, which tooks before them immigrating to the United States. Her mother talks about how happy with her husband and Young Ju before they move to the United States. Her father not drinks a lot and did not use violence to her mother before they move to the United States. This part allows us to compare and contrast AnNa’s father between in the USA and Korea. The results are obviously that her father unaccustomed to the pressure of American life. He cannot speak English fluently, have no friends here, no money, and even cannot go back to Korea when his mother dies. Those kind of stresses make him upset, so he use alcohol to anesthesia himself and try to forget everything that make him feel bad. That’s why Young Ju mentions that her Apa always drunk at home. Consequently, alcohol makes him losing self-control ability, Young Ju’s Apa use violence to his wife and children and finally he leaves his family and go back to Korea.
____From above, I relied every immigrant family member have stress and pressure when they just move to a new country. Besides learning new language, parent need to find a job to support their family, and children need to meet new friends. Those kind of daily things all give strain to family members. I think Young Ju’s family did not prepare very well when they plan to move to USA because they thought their GoMo and Uncle Tim can help them. However, they move out from their GoMo’s house finally, and their adversity begins. I am very sorry to see this kind of situation happen in AnNa’s family because it may happen in my family, too.


letter to lisa from yuki shimizu

Dear Lisa, your paper is well organized and it looks much batter than mine. Although Lack in writing skill, vocabulary, and sense of writing made my writing awful, your critical and intriguing view point was shown in your essay.  Anyway, concerning about Apa’s Behavior toward his family, I can feel same thing as you.  I can not stand how to treat his children, how to view Young’s best friend, Amenda, and how to treat his lovely wife.  Although He is addicted to alcohol, I do not think this is the fundamental reason to make him change like that.  I think main reason is accumulation of stress since he left his home country.  America is not good place for him, but me(smile).
            Domestic violence is a hot topic these days.  Children and wife are main target of this violence.  I think the children who grow up with parents who did physical abuse toward children have a tendency to do same thing when they will have a child.  I hope same thing as you said. I hope he would be a good father. Also, I want him to do what ever he wants.  When I meditate all things I read this time, I am really happy and I have to appreciate my situation.  My parents are awesome. I love them a lot because they never (maybe) abuse their position as parents except discipline.  Not only that, I am not here without them.


resonse to Vonny from Jiyeun Lee

   I really agree her. Vonny is also angry with young Ju’s father.
Young Ju’s father is aggressive person at all. He should express his feeling without hit somebody. I think he don’t have normal mind. He is craze. How could he hit his own daughter and wife like that? Yes Vonny, drunk condition can not be an excuse for hitting. Vonny said, it is hard decision for Young Ju call police because he is still his father. If she does the call and he can be arrest and go jail. Unlikely Vonny, I think go back Korea is not enough solution for him. He should change his mind and stop hit somebody and reflect his bad action.He should apology to his wife and daughter. He ruined their life. I really hate aggressive people. I think we can do conversation to solve problem instead of hitting. In Korea, husband can not permit to hit his wife. However, in past and even now many women live like Young ju’s mother. They don’t want to talk about and did not call police because of shame. I think men should stop hit his wife. He cannot hit her if he loves his wife. If he does not love her, why is he marrying with her?
Anyway, I am also so lucky I don’t have father like Young -Ju.


letter from Yuki Shimizu

I felt so sorry about what happened to Young Ju’s family when I read the book yesterday.  I could not imagine how her daddy have been changed since his relatives died.  Although I know how he felt and I even sympathize his position, I cannot her action  he took toward his children and his wife.  I can not understand what make him think so seriously.  I know that coming here is so burdensome and pain in the neck since he has to work and adjust their life style.  But I do not know what make him change like that.  He used to love wife and children. He used to work so hard to give them good living.  How come? 
            Since I came here, I learned a lot. I learned what I could not notice and appreciate when I was Japan.  I know that I definitely changed to good way.  I had a hard time to deal with study, love, communication, and financial aspects.  So many small things made me nuts. And I had the time to hate to do anything because everything seems to go to wrong direction. However, I love being here and I am enjoying life now.  I never forget that I am always supported by someone and I always appreciate my situation and who I am.  
            I wish I could say something to him.  I want to say something which makes him more comfortable to stay here.  He came here with his family, spend time with them, and have both hard and tough time with them.  I do not have family here.  Since I left my home four years ago, I survived by myself even though they have been helping me financially.  I just want to say to him one thing “ could be worse, be positive”


Response from Jiyeun Lee Blogging # 4

This week’s reading from “A step from heaven” mostly concerned about sad story. I am really sad after read the book. Father’s aggressive behavior and its result caused bad ending in his life in America and also Young Ju’s family.
 Reversely, Young Ju seems really good at America’s life. She is very good student in her school. She got GPA award which is one person in every class with the highest grade point averages receives a certificate from school. She is really smart girl. I am also proud of  herlike her mother. Joon is not good person like his father. He absent his school and he is aggressive person. Frankly I hate both of them. Father did not like Young Ju’s mom and Joon did not like Young Ju.I think Joon resemble his father more than Young Ju.
Young Ju’s father hits her mother before but this time he seriously hits her. Young Ju describes her wounded part, “Dark splotches of blue and purple camouflage Uhmma’s bare back and shoulder’s.”(Anna 127). I am filled with anger at Young Ju’s father. I don’t understand him He is the worst person at all. He is crazy person. But this is not worst his craze action happened again and more seriously. He also hit and grabs Young Ju’s hair. How can he hit his own daughter like this?. I think he is abnormal. When Uhmma get to stop him, he also terribly hits Uhmma like he trying to kill her. Finally, young-Ju call police and police arrest him. I think Young –ju do right thing. He must be punished. He is craze and dangerous person.


Response post # 4 (from Po-Kai)

____In the “A Step from Heaven” page 117 to 139, Young Ju writes about the violent change in her family. Her Apa have having extramarital relations and finally leave them and go back to Korea. From AnNa’s writing, I found her father is a traditional and pigheaded Korean man. According to her Apa’s culture background, her father cannot adopt the American lifestyle. He cannot make good money in the United States, and has a big language barrier. He starts to blame her wife that why his wife want to move to the United States. He gave vent to his anger by using violence on his wife and children. However, Young Ju did very well to adopt into American’s life because she can speak English fluently and has American friends. She obtained very good grade in school. She totally become an American by learning American cultures, but still keeps her native-language and cultures at home.
____According AnNa’s writing, I think the situations AnNa’s family encountered may happened in many immigrant’s families. I have a friend which suffered similar circumstance. My friend and his wife immigrated from India. My friend’s English not good enough to communicate with people, but his wife can. So, his wife can easier to obtain a job, and my friend plan to obtain a higher degree in school and also improve his English. His wife goes out to work for supporting whole family. Sometime, his wife comes home with bad mood because of her work too hard. My friend feels guilt and inferior because he cannot provide a good life for his wife. They become flight frequently and their relationship become worse. They even plan to divorce. However, the culture customs constrict them, so they keep their marriage alive. They still have many things to do to improve their relationship. Now, my friend works on two jobs for his family. I think they will be better in the future.



lisa's opinion

From page 117-139, Apa is very cruel to his own mother and daughter. He slaps them without any valid reasons. One of the reasons is because Young plays with Amanda, who is American. He does not care how Young has already tried to avoid Amanda’s family because Apa does not like them. Uhmma is very afraid of Apa and she could not fight against him. Until she finds out that Apa slap Young and she starts cursing him. She mentions everything that she kept from him, such as, his pride, his weakness, and his children who are hiding everything from him. Apa is very mad and slap her. Then, Young called 911 and they are saved from Apa. This is very cool because finally Uhmma can say it to Apa what she felt and how is the situation in their family. All the habits that he did at home has been influenced by his drunkenness habit, his stressful of working and his pride. In the middle of the story, Uhmma tells Young that Apa is a nice guy.  I agree with Uhmma about Apa. He acted very cruel to his family maybe because he is stressful. However, I do not like how Apa response and act to his family. How prideful he is when he does not appreciate Young’s award. Also, he does not care to his family. On the other hand, Park Joon Ho absents for a couple times from school. I think he wants to rebel from Apa. He does not mention a clear reason why he was absent. However, from his explanation, he was sick of Apa who does not give him a freedom. Apa does not know what Park Joon Ho did. In some cases, I agree with his action because he wants to rebel Apa. Hopefully, when he becomes a father, he will not repeat Apa’s behavior.


the response #4 to Anthony from Sunghoon Park

I totally agree that Anthony’s opinion. He thought that he was disappointed with park’s family, especially Young-Ju’s father. He also wrote that not only America but also Macao, his native country, never accepts a justness of violence to people. Thus, he argued that a behavior of Young-Ju’s father is totally wrong. Alcohol cannot solve any problems, but her father tried to solve the hardship of immigrant of life and his mom’s death. Of course, because I usually drink alcohol and enjoy it, I know why he drank alcohol too much. However, what he caused violence to children and wife was a mistake, because violence cannot be justify anytime, anyone, and anywhere. Likeness Macao, in Korea, sometimes I can read an article that a husband hit his wife as be drunken, but there were no articles like wife caused to her husband. I think that the reason is the position of man in a society and in a family like Young-Ju’s family. As Anthony’s opinion, they were living in America, namely, they can protect any violence from no matter who they are. Thus, what Young-Ju’s calling to 911 is right action and her mother’s response was also right. I believe that Young-Ju’s father had to more focus to his family as support of a family than before.


the response #4 from Sunghoon Park

Anna, the writer, “A Step From Heaven,” wrote that the hardship of immigrant life in young-Ju’s family. Even though, Young-Ju had the highest GPA in her grade in school, she could not satisfy with any prize from her parents what she expected. Actually, she looked forward to do as most of parents did like visiting and staying with their children at a ceremony of awarding prizes. However, because she knew that most of immigrants spend their time working during a day, she tried to understand about parent’s thought and life. Because of like these hardship immigrant life, her father drank alcohol too much and behaved badly to his wife and children. Sometimes he caused violence to wife and children. Also Joon-Ho, Young-Ju’s brother, became another person. He used to not attend to his class and came back to home from school too late and defied to Young-Ju. To tell the truth, I can understand young-Ju’s thought, because I saw many immigrants include my relatives and how to live in America of other country. Most of immigrants suffer from different language and cultures when they arrive in America or other country for a while. However, I think that Young-Ju’s parents should fulfill parent’s duty. Namely, they have responsibility for the fulfillment of obligation. They should attend a ceremony and join with their children. Even if there are many suffering in front of them, they have to show the support of a family to their children, because parents are a model of their children. Likeness, Young-Ju’s father has to show a model of what a man ought to be to his children.


response Anthony (Vonny)

I completely agree with Anthony that fighiting between parents will affect their love and ruin the children's psycological. I also agree that communication can fixed any problem without using physical. Actually, Uhma and Apa could go to a doctor for help in their marriage if Apa is open about the possibility. However, Apa is a very hard person and in my opinion, he would never be able to accept the fact that they need a third person in a marriage. When parents fight with physical in front of a child, the child will develope an abusal relationship with all of his surrounding. I feel that a child who grew up in this condition will not be able to love anyone completely unless they receive a help from a doctor. It is hard to adjust into your life after you went through such a unfortunate situation.


Part 4 SFH (Vonny)

When I read this part of SFH, I was so angy with Apa. I was shocked to read that he could hit his own daughter. In the beginning of the novel, when Uhma was pregnant, Apa hit her in the car. I thought he could hit his wife but not his own daughter who is his own flesh and blood. A drunk condition is not an excuse for hitting anyone. I was very happy when I read the part where Young Ju was calling the police. I realize it must be very hard for Young Ju to call the cops because it was his own father who will go to jail. When Apa got out of jail, he went home to Korea. I think this is the best solution for him because it is proves that he is unable to adapt with the American's culture. There are many case like this in the whole world especially in USA. I have read in the newspaper and watch the TV about women who have died or almost died in domestic violence. It was so sad to hear that anyone is able to hit someone that they used to love. I have heard that somewhere in this part the world there is a culture that permit husbands to do anything to their wives. The wives sometimes get hit, and worst of all many of them were burned. I was very surprise when I heard about this news and I think we are so lucky to have parents that love each other.  

Saturday, July 24, 2004


Blogging # 4 (pages 117-139) from Saynab

Bloggin # 4 (page 117-139)

            Young ju was incredibly young lady, who made her dream come true. She became number in the ninth grade GPA award, she was a young Koran immigrant who couldn’t read or write but today it is different   when she received GPA award in all her subject that is astonishing. Every parent tells her child they have to studying hard, so they can attain their goals and find good jobs. But, Ju their family was unlike any other family because they were thinking only money and how to pay their bills. Her mom was a good mom who tells her daughter to stay focus on her school, so she can be one day a doctor. On the other hand her father was a lazy man and despondent, he was annoyed all the time he never gives opportunity to talk to his kids.  Ju and her brother were happy when their father is outside because they knew if he is in the home they will be locking their door until he sleep or leave.  Particular their situation, you can visualize he was not a good father.  It reminds me during my childhood, as I told you before my dad pass the way when I was three years old, therefore, I didn’t know his personally but my mom was use tell as about his and she said he was the best father you could ever wish for. However, Ju had a good mom ho understand her daughter and she allowed her to see her friend, while her father was afraid to his daughter she may become too westernizes. Her father was both abusive and alcoholic, he was always pounding his wife.  It is inappropriate to strike a woman in front of her child, perhaps it is a part of Koran culture because every country has their unique tradition.


response to Anthony

I agree with Anthony’s opinion. Violence will not solve any problems; instead it will increase more problems. Apa hits Young and Ama in order for them to listen to what he says and follow what he wants. Due to his reckless and irresponsible action, he ended up in jail. Since the family has moved to the United States, Apa seldom communicate with Ama anymore. Apa has no more quality time with his family because he is so busy working to achieve his dream. Apa is too focus on materialistic of the world and values very little in family’s relationship. However, Young is a very brave and strong girl. Even though she has very little love from her parents, she understands the troubles that her mother is facing. Young doesn’t blame her mother for being poor or for marrying a man like Apa, instead she works really hard to achieve the 1st position in class and work part time to help out with the family’s financial problem. However, I feel happy for Young, Ama and Joon that Apa has left, but I feel sad at the same time. A family without a father is incomplete. Maybe Apa doesn’t want to be the “bad” man either, he is just too stress up and depressed living in a competitive world, and he needs support form his family, but he only gets his wife’s nagging every time he comes home. Ama should be more flexible to Apa and every time there is a problem, they should sit down and talk.


The forth response to SFH by Anthony

After I read the story from page 117 to 139, I feel upset about thePark's family, especially the situation of Young Ju. 1agree with Stephanie that the action of Young Ju'sfather is entirely wrong. I don't see any acceptablereason that a man can hit his own wife and daughter likethis. Also, I don't think that get drunk can helpsolving problems. Therefore, I feel happy that Umma hadleft Apa at the last part of the story. In fact, thiscase was not only a story, it also happens in our life.In my hometown, Macao, such cases are alwayspublished on the newspapers. Usually, the husbands getdrunk and then hit their wives, also their childrenseriously due to they are not happy with their jobs oranything that makes them unsatisfied. In my opinion,couples should communicate more in order to deal withthe problems. Fighting and shouting will not only affectthe love between couples, but also influence theirchildren psychological development. As a conclusion,communication is a better way for husbands and wives tosolve problem and it does help building up therelationship between  couples

Friday, July 23, 2004


part 4 ( Amelia)

Young gets a certificate for being the first position in class. Amanda, Young’s best friend also gets a certificate for her English. Amanda is so lucky compare to Young in terms of family. Amanda has a very loving and humorous father who gives so much love and care for the family while Young has a very irresponsible and abusive father. However, Young never gets angry or jealous with Amanda. Instead, she protects her from Apa. Once, Apa is furious to Young because she still hangs out with Amanda even though Apa told her not to. When Young refuses to tell Apa Amanda’s phone number, Apa slaps her twice on the cheek. He also kicks her on the stomach. Ama tries to stop Apa but he hits her instead. Nothing can stop Apa from hitting Ama so badly. Young picks up the phone and call the police. Only the police can stop Apa from abusing his family. Apa is put in jail. Since then, Ama works three jobs, Young and Joon works at the ice cream stall. They can survive without Apa. Young and Joon use two-third of their money to buy groceries. Young gets a scholarship and Ama need not worry to pay her school fees. Finally, they move to a better living condition, a better home for the family. When Young is moving Ama’s stuff, she sees pictures of her Ama and her brother. Another picture is Ama and her family. Young just realizes that Ama comes from a wealthy family. Apa hates it when Ama looks at that picture because he feels that he cannot give a better life to Ama. There is also a picture of Apa and Young. It reminds Young about Apa. Apa used to be a loving and caring father. He advises Young not to be afraid of the waves of the sea. Ama reminds Young to carry the picture wherever she goes in order to remind her to be brave. I think this book is a very interesting and touching. I really enjoy reading this book.

Thursday, July 22, 2004


Response to Lisa’s by Anthony

 I’m happy to hear about that you are living in a good family and I agree with you that Young Yu’s parents think that American culture is bad and their own culture is good. It is not truth at all. Each culture has it’s history and character than the others. In your case, Lisa, your parents have the same idea with my parents. My parents also gave me a lot of freedom. My parents let me and support me to meet some foreign people. They think that I should learn the different culture from them in order to increase the view. They also gave me a lot of freedom on my future. They allow me to choose the thing, for example, major, friend. However, when they talk about marriage, they suggest that I should not marry with the foreign people because they can communicate. Except this one, my parents gave me a lot of freedom. Last year, I went back to my home town. I told about my life in American. My father felt very interested on it. That gave me a feeling that my father begin to like the America Culture.


#3 Response by Anthony

The Third response to A Step From Heaven, I am very interested in the response to the chapter of “Become Too American” In this chapter, Young Ju was consisted too American in her mother’s eyes. Both of them have their own point of view, for example, Young Ju came to United States since she was very young. She has to learn American Culture since she attends to school. As the result, she learnt more about American culture than her parents. Her mother thinks that Young Ju should not borrow money from the others, even best friends. However, Young Ju has different opinion on this situation, and she believes that it’s fine and common to borrow money form friend. In this situation, there is no right or wrong answer because Young Ju and her mother came from different background although they are Korean. Sometime, I have argument with my present in a very little thing because we don’t accept each other’s idea. The argument happened a long time ago when I was high school. On one Sunday morning, we usually got up early in Sunday morning because we go out for breakfast. My father is a tradition Chinese, he likes to eat dim sum and drink tea on the morning. We always to go eat something very tradition Chinese breakfast but I wanted to change that for one day. I suggested go to McDonald to have some new. My father did not agree and got angry with me. I felt very disappointed. I know what Young Ju’s feeling when she scolded by her mother about “become too American”.  

Monday, July 19, 2004


response for vonny

I totally agree with Vonny’s opinion about how most Asian still value son more than daughter because they believe that son can continue their family while daughter will follow her husband. In some cases, I agree with that because a son will be the head of the family and he will bring family name in his family. And for most Asians, family name is important and should be carried proudly. Vonny also mention about how Apa taught that Joon suppose to be tough and brave. He cannot cry and express their feeling. This taught bring a bad character for Joon in the future. It can make him stressful. In my country, this mindset still occurs for some people. A man must be more tough and brave. So it is so hard for man to express their love to others. However, this kind of taught will bring a bad impact. It will create a gap between man and his friend, or even to his children. On the other hand, Apa also cannot do that. He still show his soft side when his mom died. I think expression of feeling should be showed so that people can know our feeling and know about us in deep level.

Sunday, July 18, 2004


Daisy's response to Syanab

I totally agree with Syanab’s opinion about Ju’s parents. That her mom was a strong woman and her dad was an unkind to his children. Ju’s dad probably was depressed that in a way he cannot be there for his mom’s funeral. Ju’s dad has a lot of pride in him and he was struggling badly with his status as a bread winner for his family. He thought that he was failing to raise his family. He was becoming a heavy drinker and abusing his family. In the other hand, Ju’s mom was a strong woman. She always there for Ju and Joon, even though she was abused by her husband, she stand strong and never complained. Like Syanab’s said that we should be thankful that we have wonderful parents: a mother and a father that always be there for us. For the reminder, sometimes as children, I always take it for granted for what we have. I always complain if our parents did not fulfill their promise to us. As I grow up, I realized that it takes a great sacrifice to become parents.


part 3 (lisa)

In this third part of the novel (pg 60-116), I found interesting part of the culture that An Na mentioned, especially the part that she compared the culture in Korea and in US. Apa and Uhmma taught that American culture is bad and Korean’s culture is good. However, Young Ju has an American friend, Amanda. When Young Ju comes to Amanda’s party, she found out that American culture is different. And she likes it, because she has a chance to talk or speak up when she does not like something. On the other hand, in her family only Apa who can talk and nobody can speak up their own opinion. She is very upset when she has to break up the friendship with Amanda. Apa also thinks that man is more and must be tough. They cannot cry, they must responsible, etc. He is also very cruel to Uhmma and Uhmma cannot do anything. Because he is the head of the family and everybody must do whatever he said. For me, I think I do not agree with Apa who is very strict and can not see that there is some good parts from American culture. In my experience, my parents are little bit different from Apa who always controls Uhmma and his children. They are more opening minded. My parents start to see a good side of American culture. However, my parents do not let their children have an American boyfriend or girlfriend. They said that the culture is different, American can falling in love so easy to others; my parents cannot communicate with them, etc. For these reasons that my parents mentioned, it is very reasonable and understandable. I can see how they still give me freedom to build a friendship with American and let me to speak up my own opinion with them. They really give me the freedom that I am so thankful since I read this story.


Daisy's third response

In the third part of the book “Step from Heaven”, Anna talked about Ju’s mom was always be there for the family and how Ju, even though she was too little to understand, was always there for her mom. I can see the third reading of the book was full of emotional scene and as I read deep through it, I found myself in the story. The author had done a good job, especially to make the reader feel that they were there with Ju. Overall, Ju’s mom was a strong woman. She stood firm even though she knew that Ju’s dad was making his family’s life difficult. In the chapter “My Best is Always not Enough”, Ju’s mom was been abused by her husband. But her respond was to keep the matter to herself. Ju’s mom was characterized as a loving and tender mom. She worked hard for her family. It was said the book that she had two jobs and she still had time to do the chores in the house. How remarkable this woman was. She was a woman that never stops dreaming for her children and would do whatever she could for her children. Contradictory with Ju’s dad, that in a way never set a good example for his family. He got depressed easily after his mom’ died. His character can be seen as a man that had high pride.  Moreover, in a way, Ju wanted to help her mom but she realized that she just a kid, moreover, she thought that it was better for her to stay in silent than to make the matter worse. Ju realized since his dad became a drinker and had bad habit to abuse his family, her life was totally changed. Ju’s character can be symbolized as the sun that always shines in the midst of darkness. In good time or bad time, she always stood for her mom and her brother.


Jiyeun lee response to Amelia

I agree Amelia’s opinion. She said, “Apa thinks that man cannot cry. I think man can cry and it is good to express one’s feeling rather than keeping it to him. I think Apa’s definition of being a man is wrong, a man can cry but he can’t slap woman”. She is right. Some men are weaker than women. I think Apa thinks crying is equal to weak. It is not true. Crying is just kinds of expression. It is just frank in our emotion And  she also said “Although Apa means to teach his son a lesson, hitting and slapping someone doesn’t teach anything.” Yes, he should choose another method to punish their children not always hitting and slapping. Apa thinks strong is only way to survive for men. It is not true. Physical strong is not only way to survive for our life. According to Amelia “Since the Park family has moved in to the United States, they should give up a little of their culture and adjust to the life in the United States.” I think in Korea nowadays, parents like to hear children’s asking and question. They love to answer. They did not think it is rude. I want to make sure, not all Korean is like Apa. Please don’t misunderstood Korean.


Response to Jiyeun Lee by Yuki Suzuki

 I really hate Apa when he exercised the D.V(domestic violence), but I think I can understand his emotional conflict in his mind. If I were him, I might get frustrated in everything.  I felt my powerless when I encountered troubles in U.S like especiaally,English skill. When I was in group work with americxan students, I found myself that does not contribute to group. I could not understand the quick conversation between students, so it really frustrated me with disappointment. So, I said I can understand his situation, but I do not excercise violence.
I think also in Jpapan, some old father looks like Apa still are, but they are just not good at explaing their frustration to their family like Apa, so it outputs as violence all ot once.


Response toYuki Suzuki

After reading Yuki's, I though over the authority of a Korean husband. As I wrote about the authority, it is very important, and should be reserved value for Korean man. I think that Japan and Korean have a similar cultural thought as to the man's authority. This is sometimes very irrational, but very powerful to control a family. so This could not be considered as bad meaning. but many people may regard Apa's violence as the same as the authoriy.


3rd response from Seon Cheol Yoon

3rd part is describing Joung Ju’s school life and her parents’ affairs. In particular, I can recognize Young Ju’s parents’ hardships in the U.S. that almost foreign immigrants have been experiencing. As you know, immigrants have come to the U.S with hopes that they would be able to have a better life in America than in their countries. However, the realities before their lives in America are a series of pains and misfortunes that they did not expect. I have watched many documentary programs that draw Korean immigrants in the U.S who are suffering. Through these programs, I could understand Young Ju’s parents vicariously. Especially, many Korean immigrants are suffering from a mental pain that makes them feel self-destruction, the reason of which is because they have been very competent before they came to the U.S, but they could not earn money on account of a various of reasons in the U.S. and another pain that Korean immigrant suffer is the authority of a husband. In Korean, the authority of a husband is considered very important. I do not have any idea on the authority of American husbands, but the authority of Korean husbands is absolute. Korean husbands want to keep their authority when they were in Korea in the same way, but who try to follow the authority in the situation that they have very hard time? So they sometimes turn to very aggressive, even resort to violence like Young Ju’s father gets angry with his wife. In the novel, Young Ju’s parents do not want Young Ju to hang out with Amanda. That attributes to a very different view of Korean, and that may be a sort of misunderstanding of American.


#3 "new" response (Yuki Suzuki)

"Damn it!", this kinda bad word came up with my mind when I read the scene Apa hit Joon and Young Ju. "Why did they, Apa's family come to live in U.S?" , and "Why does Apa keep his emotion moderate to his children? " ,many questions also came to my mind with anger to Apa and Uhmma. You know,, but I can understand his unstable emotion because I am a man. It seems that Apa is struggling with everything such as job and life to fullfill family's expections, but it did not work well. He said "My best is always not enough(line.9 p.96)". When he went to embassy to renew Young's green card,  he tried to make sure if he does not have to come back again. I think he really does not like to come back again, but he could not forgive himself who could not understand Englsih and the situation as a father. He was expected to be a good father in U.S, but He could not feel the sense that he is a good father. He just felt the powerless man who was about to be helped by his mather and chilren in many things. In second assignment reading part, Uhmma was hit by Apa because she said to him ""If I worked two jobs and...(line 5 p. 35)". Uhmma's word hurt Apa's "pride" because he has tried to fulfill expectations that family has, but Uhmma did not understand it at all. I understand his place completely, but he should know the effort that Uhmma did for him and hher family. She keeps even one pennie as if it is a gold coin. She really does not want to spend extra money, and save it for family and the future. Apa should know this effort!
As a father, as a mother, and as a Korean, they are struggling with everything. in U.S. Uhmma thinks that American girl does not study and should have bad influence on Young, so she did not want Young to visit Amanda. Addition to this, Uhmma does not want Young to owe to American(amanda) because Uhmma has a "pride" that we can do everything without help as a Korean and mother, I think. Those pride is looks like the strong will to be strong and happy in U.S in future for Uhmma and Apa.
I think I can not say easy thing from the vie of my position, because I am just international student, and I do not work, and I do not have responsibility for family. Apa has much resposibility and burden than me. However, I could say that to be independent without any help does not make sense at all because I know people cannot do everything without help. People live on earth to support each other, you know.



#3 Response by Jiyeun Lee

#3 Response by Jiyeun Lee
 Young Ju seems like she really good at and enjoy in America. She already has an American friend. Actually I can not understand her parents why they did not like Young- Ju has American friend. Is it make Young- Ju become a rude? It is not true. Actually, I don’t like Young Ju’ father. He thinks girl is weak and boy is strong. What is wrong with him? I hate his opinion. Woman is also strong. Man can cry. He is like old Korean men. And also he is not smart men. He did not know what family's relationship is. I think Parents should also respect their children and husband should respect his wife. I think this is right. Young –Ju’s father always enforce their children and wife, even if he is not right. He doesn’t like to conversation with his family. He doesn’t like to listen. When Young Ju says something, he thinks she is rude. It is ridiculous.Nowadays in Korea, we can not find that kinds of man. I feel shame at him he is also Korean like me. Apa yells, “asking for an explanation! Always getting your own way! You have been running around with American girl for too long. You are not allowed to see her anymore. She is a bad influence”(Anna 109).He always yells and hits. I hate that kinds of man. I can not understand him. Amanda is her good friends. If I have an America friends, my father will proud me.He is not good at position of children’s father and husband.


REsponse to Saynab (Vonny)

When I read Saynab's response to this part of the novel, I saw she agreed that in many coutries, parents value sons more than daughters. I agreed with her opinion, I also notice that in many countries especially asian and african. I also read that she thinks Young Ju's father is a bad father. I slightly disagree with her. I know that he is not the best father; however, I think he treated his children this way because that is the typical Korean way. He only followed the tradition in Korea. I think he do not know how to treat children like American way because he only reflects what his father showed him. His own father might told him that a man has to be brave and tough. He should not cried and whining. Therefore, Apa ordered Joon not to cry and never show his soft side because that is what his father always said. APa was a very stiff father and never play with his children. This is because in Korea, a father has to be stiff to show the children how to respect the older people. This is why I think it is not entirely Apa's fault  that he treated his children wiht cruelty. This is because that is the only way he ever know how to treat children.  


Dear Amelia

Dear Amelia. How are you doing? I can imagine that you have a busy but good time in studying here.  Thank you for showing your idea and feeling on the blackboard.  Unfortunately, the sentence “only the strong survive and only the strong has fortune” may be true in unfair world.  Some one may have physical disadvantage, someone may have mentally problem, and some one may have economical and emotional hardship.  In business world which you want to enter, you will experience the huge gap. Even he is good for nothing, money can make money and he can make tons of money for one week which we can earn for all our life.  We all have the same time 24 hours every day and 70-80 years before die.  What you or we have gone thorough must be precious experience.  I believe that “everything happened is good”.  Be positive and active.
            Since I have been in the U.S., it is almost two years passed.  Before I came here, I was so exciting that I can make tons of friends who come from all over the world.  However, these days I realized again that almost all international students has wealthy background with exception.  Although it makes sense because studying abroad costs a lot, it is a kind of sad.  Generally, the quality of education went up and more people can get education.  However, education is still unavailable for significant number of children. Even if just 1% of money of military is able to give the education until high school to everybody on the earth, ………..  so, make a long story short, we should appreciate who we are.


response #3 to Amelia from Sunghoon Park

According to Amelia’s opinion, Young-Ju’s parents showed us that they were typical characteristic as father and mother in Korean family. Her father was very stern and he wanted to keep his culture and life style in his life. Her mother was obedient to her husband.  I also agree that this figure is the typical style in Korea. Always male is more important than female in everything and at everywhere. Man should be strong and brave. Like this, Young-Ju’s father force to his sun that the only strong people can survive in the world. But Amelia thought that if all people think like that, this world might change to very competitive world. That was, there were no love, compassion, and sympathy. I also agree that because in the world, we are together live each other. In addition, she wrote that if someone left their country and established themselves in the new country, they should follow the life style of new country. But in young-Ju’s family, her parents did not learn American culture and life-style, even they denied America’s style. However, she thought that these typical Korean culture and life-style was not useful, because they were living in America. They should accept America’s culture and life-style and followed it. Because of the school in Asian and America, Asian children showed passive action. If children talked too much, especially to older people include teachers, it seemed like rude and insolent. On the other hand, in America, children who ask many questions in the class or to people, was regarded as more intelligent and active people. I also think that if Young-Ju become to passive people as her parents teaches to her, she is going to be making trouble in her school in her school life. Thus, if someone is living in another country, they should accept and learn different culture and life-style.


response #3 by Sunghoon Park

Anna, the writer of “A Step From Heaven,” wrote about the daily life in America and how she felt about those daily events as she grew older; Her grandmother passed away, her dreams when she bought lotto, didn’t come true, her dad drank too much, and finally arrested because of drunk driving and chaos to be American and to be Korean. She was confused with that why her family moved to America and why her parents did not want to be American with young-Ju. Her parents always forced to behave like Korean-style such as don’t leave before at eating table and don’t talk loudly and too much when they have lunch or dinner. Furthermore, they did not like to hang out with American friends, and even did not let her go to her American friend’s birthday party. So she was wondered if they want to keep Korean style, why they left Korea. I think that these are really traditional Korean-style. Of course, I heard many things about taboo in daily life. But my parents do not like to keep these taboos, because they think that as the world is changing, life style should change. So when I was young, I was not forced by these restrictions. When my family had dinner, we often talked too much and when someone in my family had to do something, he/she use to leave dining room before. But my parent attached great importance to keep one of the Korean cultures, which is respecting to other people, especially to older people. So, I think that I can distinguish what cultures have to keep or not. Finally the best thing what I think is to maintain both sides, that is when she meet American, she respect and act American style, and when she is meet Korean, she respect and act Korean culture.


3rd part of the novel (Vonny)

I like this part better thatn the other two parts because this section talked about Young Ju's teenage life. After reading this novel, I understand a little bit more about Korean culture. Now I know that in Korean, there is a far distance between parents and the children, especailly to their father. It seemes like a lot of fathers like their son better than their daughter. This can also be seen in chinese culture. In most of asian culture, they value sons more than daughters because they believe that sons can continues the family while daughters will only follows their husbands. When I read the section where Apa scold Joon just because he cried, I found a new understanding that in Korean culture, man suppose to be tough and brave. However, I think it is too hard especially for little kids. They are not allow to express their feeling. It would be hard for boys to grow up because they have to be so stiff, if they show their soft side, they would be called a girl. I saw this in Apa's actions. He never show his soft side except when his mother died. I think it would be very hard for me to live in Young Ju's family because in my family, we used to have fun and makes jokes. My father like to go out with all of us to the malls or watched movies and made jokes with us. Over all I really like this section of the novel. I think it shows a lot of Young Ju's, Joon's and their parent's feeling.    


from yuki shimizu

I am wondering that Young Ju is a Korean American or just a Korean girl in the U.S.A.  There is the conflict between Young and her mom in that she can be able to make a birthday party of her best friend, Amanda.  She already knew her mom’s reaction toward her question which asks if she can go or not.  I felt the impression that she has still pure and honest heart when I read the part in which she are thinking different strategy to convince her mom to go to the birthday party.   She cannot understand why she has to behave like Korean girl.  However, she knows that her mom and dad will get mad if she behaves like American girl.  Even though, in her mind, she has been grown up as American girl, the parents try to make her fit the Korean rule and discipline.  I wish everyone had the pure and kind hearts like Young, then there were no conflict between race and nationality.  I do not know why people forget the feeling which they felt when they are a little and their view points are not broad and flexible after they grow up. 
            We Asian should change our view point.  I was so frustrated the behavior that her dad did toward her wife and daughter.  In his mind, there is the thinking which men are dominant position in the family.  Although a man is a leader in his family, he should take care of everybody and he may sometimes sacrifice himself to make them happy. I do not say that everything in the U.S., but I like the American family.  Because they are bonded together with smile or love.  They can express their feeling to anybody, and children can treat their parents like their best friends.  On the other hand, children in our country may have a kind of hesitation toward parents which is more than showing a respect.  If I had a chance to have a child, I would make he/she a one of my best friends.  


Response to Amelia's post #3 (from Po-Kai)

____According to Amelia’s response, I agree with her idea that a man can cry but cannot slap woman. In most Asian countries especially influenced by Chinese culture or Confucianism, the positions of woman in the family always lower than man. In most of Asian family, men go out to work for supporting their entire family. Because of that, men always have pressure or not cheerful things from their job. When they go back home and also their wife keep complain something and make them angry, they slap their wife if they cannot control their emotion. When most of women suffer this kind of situations, they can only be quiet and do nothing because these women cannot divorce and go home to live with their parents. This will make shame their family. Also, most of these women cannot find a job to support themselves, they only can do is stay with their husband. This is a very bad model for their children, and not a good way to show you feeling. A man should have a understanding of their wife’s situation, and tries to use communicate instead of violence; however, wife also need to make allowances their husband because they work so hard already. Now, in most Asian company, they provide courses for employees to learn how to control emotion. That is so called E.Q. (Emotion Quotient.) Also, more and more company recruits new employees by testing their E.Q. first because an employee has good E.Q will also enhance the productivity of their department. E.Q. now is become very important for everyone who wants to find a good job. So, back to Amielia’s opinion, man should not treat woman or their wife like servants. Man should their respect to their wife. Also, man and woman should control their feeling or emotion very well when they living together because that is the source of a harmony family

Saturday, July 17, 2004


Response to Amelila (Saynab)

I totally agree with Amelia for her opinion because the way she described Young Ju’s father.  The father has to punish their child when they are teaching them the good stuff, Young Ju’s father was trying to teach his son how to be a good man and the way he believes to his son to be a good man was by beaten him and told him not to cry.  But in my opinion beaten your child doesn’t teach him how to be a strong man. God makes every human being different shape and different personality but nobody can’t change the way God makes as even if we are weak or strong.   There some fathers who believe that if they beat their child they will be strong and independent. Every father has different personality but the best way of telling your child the wrong things and the good things is that to tell gracious way and by being nice to them because they are immature. If you beat every day your child what they will thing tomorrow? Amelai mention that Asian in kids don’t talk too much because of what they consider is disrespect in some Asain culture think like that,  but thanks  to Allah my country is not like that way you can ask any thing you want to  your parents but you have to obey what they tell you even if you don’t want to  you have to say yes because they will feel  sad if you say no. So every nation has their unique culture but in united state every child has their own speech (The freedom of speech) and that is good sing of Democracy.


Response Post #3 (from Po-Kai)

____In the “A Step from Heaven” page 60 to 116, AnNa writes about the interactions between her and family members and friends when she become older. She first shows she like the moment when she stay in the restaurant kitchen with her mother because she felt comfortable to deal with her mother’s co-workers. Then she writes about her brother, Joon. She shows how her father taught Joon, and how reacts between Joon and his father. Her father expects Joon to act like a man, and not like a woman. After that, she talks about the nestling bird, Harry. Young Ju and Joon found a baby bird and name his Harry. They keep him at home and try to raise Harry; however, they felt dejected because Harry dies after they got him seven days. Then, Young Ju shows a dream that she can win a twenty three million lottery ticket. After she brought a lottery ticket, Young Ju starts to expect what car she wants to buy, what kind of house her like. Young Ju has a huge expectation before the magic number comes out; however, the reality destroys her dream and also hurt her immature mind. Another day, Young Ju and her father go to a government building for renewing her green card. She shows how her father’s poor English make her feel shame. Then, in her writing “Reaching” and “Becoming too American,” AnNa shows why she cannot act like act like an American because her parent doesn’t like American culture.
____From these short writings, I can feel that AnNa trys to escape for the culture constraint. She likes American culture more than Korean culture because American culture can make her to be popular between colleagues. I also found Young Ju’s father is a very traditional Korean man because his strict discipline and traditional notation. Beside that, I feel more touching about AnNa’s mother. Her mother is a very resolute and traditional Korean wife because she bears the violence form her husband, and still tries to keep her family complete. These kinds of behaviors are difficult to find in the United States, yet exist in most Asian countries.


Saynab's Reflection From pages 60-116

Young was having a fun with her mother, the raining day the mom was trying to protect her kids not to get wet but they thought mommy put them in a jail. Every mom tries to cover her kids when it comes to harsh weather. There are many nations who believe that the boys are better than girls because of different reasons. Suppose in Africa they consider that the boys are defending their families when it comes to war (civil war). In Asia like India, Nepal, and Bangladesh they don’t like the girls because they have to pay dowry when they are getting married or the parents have to buy the man for their daughter.  So Young ju father love his son because is a man.  Young ju was helpful to her family because her parents were uneducated    people.   When Young ju was renewing her green card she told her father many important information in which he didn’t understand quite well. . Young ju mom was a good mom who always shares her story with her kids but Young ju father was an abusive father and alcoholic and he always was angry and unhappy.  Her father was a bad father who didn’t give much time to his children and he forget his responsibility toward his children he was always drunk. Every human being is different.  My father was the best dad I ever seen, unfortunately he pass the way when I was three years old but I had a great mom.  My mom tells us every day his stories and she said to us me and my sisters she wish we could find a man who is like our father. It is good to have parents who are nice and kind for you but dejectedly Young ju father was not good father to his daughter.


Amelia's opinion for part 3

The third part of the book is about Young’s teenage life. Apa teaches Joon to be a man, but his definition of being a man is not actually right. “Only girls whine. Men are stronger than that.” Apa thinks that man cannot cry. I think man can cry and it is good to express one’s feeling rather than keeping it to him. I think Apa’s definition of being a man is wrong, a man can cry but he can’t slap woman. A man can whine but he can’t teach his children by hitting and slapping them. “Apa says calmly, He has to learn his lesson.” Although Apa means to teach his son a lesson, hitting and slapping someone doesn’t teach anything. Instead of slapping Joon, Apa should talk to him nicely and sort things out in a mature way.
“In this world, only the strong survive. Only the strong can make their future.” From this statement, it is very clear that Apa doesn’t believe in God. He is following the Malthus theory which believes that individuals with favorable traits are more likely to survive and reproduce. If everyone in this world thinks this way, the world will be a very competitive and self centered world. People will not care and love for the poor, the orphans, the handicapped and many others unfortunate people in this world.
“Do not let your Apa hears those kinds of words. Already he has been complaining you ask too many questions.” In the Chinese culture, children are not supposed to ask too many questions, and if they ask too many questions, they are not showing respect to the elders. In the United States, children and students are encouraged to speak up and participate. I think children and students in the U.S. are more confident to speak up their opinion.
Since the Park family has moved in to the United States, they should give up a little of their culture and adjust to the life in the United States.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Daisy Response to Anthony

I wish I remembered my first day at school when I was kindergartner like Anthony. One thing I remembered in my first day at school was that my teacher, Mrs. Grace, was standing in front of class and introduces herself. She was 5 feet tall and had a curly hair with a fair skin. But one thing I remembered clearly on my kindergartner year was that I had a crush with this one guy, His name is Tito. He had dark skin and a funny hair like Tintin’s hair in the comic of Tintin’s Adventure. All I remembered about him, that we always sat together and talked about this Japanese hero called Goggle Five or Power Ranger in the 20th century. We pretend that he was a black goggle because he has a black skin and I’m the pink goggle because I loved pink. Moreover, one thing I remembered most was that in the last year of our kindergartner year, each class had to perform in front of our teacher and parents. Our class decided that we going to have a flower dance. Each flower had to be accompanied by a bee. Tito was my partner in this dance. I was so happy because he was my partner. It just a good old memories that just came back that when I think of it, I thank God for every moment He gives me.

Daisy's response #2

In the second part of the book “Step from Heaven”, Anna talked about how Young Ju’s relate herself as being the only child in the family and also her experienced when she had to act as an older sister toward his brother. Reading a long the second paragraph on page 28, Young Ju said to herself “Only now when I sit in the back seat I have to cover the parts that say a little mouse has been here because I am the only Mouse in the family. Everyone else has important signs like Tiger or Dragon”. I like to emphasis in the first mouse rather than Mouse which is Chinese zodiac sign. I can relate to her statement for being a “little mouse” in the family because I was the only child in the family back then, of course, before my two brothers and sister were born. When I was four years old, my parents gave me a pet so I did not feel lonely. I was not like ordinary kid back then. I like to play with something that moves. So they gave me a mouse. They said that a mouse is just like me: small, harmless and cute. I loved my mouse so much and I treated him like my own brother. I guess I can relate to Young Ju’s experienced on being the only child in the family. Moreover, I can relate to her experienced having baby brother. Young Ju herself was quite surprise when her mom had a baby brother. I was amazed on how she became accustomed with a new baby brother in the family. More than that, she was trying to be a good sister for him. In page 51, there was a scene where Ju’s brother, Joon, lost his balloon and Joon did not stop crying. Being a sister, Jun tried to be a good aid for his brother. Instead got him a new balloon, she offered her fat pink, purple-nosed elephant which she loved to replace his lost balloon. In response, Joon stopped crying and claimed that her elephant was his. I remembered when I was a kid; I tried to be a good helper for my brother and sister. Sometimes, I had to sacrifice my own beloved toys to my brother and sister. But a good helper cannot be called a helper without sacrifices. Ju, herself sacrificed her elephant doll for his brother so he stop crying. In short, I enjoy reading the second part of the book. It really amazed me on how Ju’s tried to overcome the difficulties that she faced without seeing it as problems but rather a life lessons.

Monday, July 12, 2004


respon to Po Kai's =)

I agree with Po-Kai’s opinion. I think Young doesn’t like to be treated differently from her brother. “I don’t understand why Apa thinks boys and girls cannot be treated the same. Why they are so different. There is no dictionary for these kinds of questions.” (pg 56). Young thinks that boys and girls should be treated the same, since Young can’t pee outside the house, so does Joon. Another example that shows gender discrimination is when Apa slaps Uhmaa in the car. Apa is frustrated because Uhmaa wants to find a job to help out with the family’s financial. Apa feels that she is not showing respect to her husband. However, I don’t really agree with PoKai’s opinion about Young hating her brother. Small children don’t think before he or she does something bad. Children are innocent, they just talk what they think and I believe that Young doesn’t really hate her brother, she is just jealous that her parents give more attention to her younger brother than her. When she has grown up, she realizes that she loves her brother and cares for him too. I also agree that Young’s father is under a lot of pressure due to his financial difficulties, and he has a big responsibility to take care of his family. However, hitting his wife is not the right thing to do. Instead he should understand that his wife is trying to lessen his problems by thinking of finding a job right after her baby is born. The respond from PoKai is really interesting and opens my mind to see a guy’s point of view of the story.

response to Yuki Shimizu

I agree with Yuki’s point of view. He mention that Apa’s feeling when he yelled Uhmma about the house is not because of he is cruel. Actually, he might be a nice father. But it takes time to get settle, especially live in different country where you do not really know the country and the system itself. He cannot blame himself or she also cannot blame the situation. For the first couple years, it will be a hard time for them. They need time to adapt their society and actively involve in the society. They have to hard work and take all the working opportunities in US. I have the same experience with Yuki Shimizu. I am very shy person and it is hard for me to talk in front of many people, especially speaking in English. I also wanted to quit from school in US and going back to my country. I wanted to blame myself because of my wrong decisions. It was a hard time for me too. When everything get settle, now I am more confident when I have to talk in English and say something when I do not like it. It takes almost three years for me to adapt and confident in speaking English. I pushed myself to do some activities that can help me learn more in speaking English. I tried to ask questions to my classmate, I joined an international church to force myself to talk with them, I am volunteering in children ministry and learn to listen and say a word when it is not correct to do. All these activities do not easy. It does not last forever. I am still struggling to talk and speak up when I know it is not correct to do. It takes time for me to learn and practice my English. Until one day, I worked in a small store. I have to speak up and confident. And I am so glad because this experience really helps me to force myself to speak up.

lisa's opinion#2

In page 28-59, Young Ju has a little brother. His name is Park Joon Ho. Her parents like her brother more than her, especially Apa. It is very obvious that Apa cares to Joon Ho and proud of him. He clearly shows that Joon Ho will become a person who will continue his family’s name. The culture in Korea shows that male has a higher status than female. Male can have a better position in society, such as a president. Male can get and achieve whatever they want, especially in a higher position. This mindset is real in my life, especially in my family. My parents want to have a son, because they want to have someone who can continue their business. They think that female can be a housewife only and serve her husband. Female can work in very minimum of time. But, unfortunately they do not have any son. Since I do not have any brother, my parents do not really differentiate male and female. I disagree with Apa who pays more attention to Joon Ho and underestimate Young Ju. For me, I agree that man and woman have different role, however, it is unfair if woman cannot have opportunity to achieve woman’s own goals because of woman is lower status or weak than man. In page 38, Uncle Tim whisper to Young Ju and told her that in America women can do almost anything men can do. This is true. When I came here, I can see that American does not differentiate male and female. On the other hand, they support whoever can achieve a better position in society. Man and woman are competitive in most areas, especially in work place. This competitive between man and woman is good idea, because man cannot underestimate woman again. Again, I agree that man and woman have different roles but it does not mean that woman cannot do anything.

Sunday, July 11, 2004


Response to Seon Cheol from Yuki Suzuki

I can understand you think boys are prefered to girls. Though it depends on case of families, I sometimes hear such a thing that boys are prefered in Japan. I guess the conscription system in Korea and men-oriented system in Japan(maybe all over the world) may have relevant to this problem. To work for country is valued on the most all over the world and especially men are positioned above the women during the second world war in Japan. Women have to work for men such as serving foods, bath and even clothes because men works for our country. I guess korean men discipline thmeselves to protect Korea from foreign countries just in case. Therefore, the thought, men-oriented, is rooted storngly both in Korea and Japan. (I guess, so if it is wrong, I am sorry.)

Also, like in Korea, doctor is valued job in salary and status in society in Japan, too.Many old people call a doctor "Oisya(Doctor)-sama(Sir)" by using Sama(sir),I do not use though. I do not think that there are jobs valued and other jobs undervalued because they are jobs that people want to. Like people who likes to take pictures and play baseball, people should do jobs that they really want to do(it may difficult to find jobs you want to do..).

Lastly, recently, I feel that I do not have to share values with american to live here. Do not misunderstand, it should be better to share values with them, but I do not think I have to do it. I may write the reason in next time, because I am sleepy.

Second posting by Yuki Suzuki

Better life, good house, much money...Uhmma may at least had expectations before she came and faced with the reality in U.S. In this book, there are some descriptions about being women. Yaoung Ju, woman, cannot be the president, only men can be. I do not want say and admit it, but it is the reality. Not only sex but race make people notice we are in front of the reality.There are unneglectable facts that making eqaul opportunities such as affirmative action did not work well, and the president are alomost WASP(except for kennedy) and only men ever. I feel the gap between the ideal and reality just like apa and Uhmma felt and had quarrel in the car. So, totally, I understand Uhmma, apa, and Ju felt unsatisfaction resembled with anger for unfairness.
When I was in Japan 2months ago, I did job-hunting. Many companies said we do recruit men and women equally, but they did not. Like even Toyota global company, it recruites 350 mens and 30 womens(men applicants twice as many as women, but still unfair). I think the reason to hesitate to recruite womes is clear, because women may quit the job soon if they got marries and have their babies. In U.S, Wal-mart has been accused of sex-discrimination by women employees. I want to say "stop disicrimination" if it will work, but unfortunately, it will not work. Then, do we have to just complain about the unfair world? No, we, people can have to believe that "we can make the road to the ideal if we strongly believe there should be a way" that Carly Fiorina, CEO of Hewlett-Packard, said.

post#2 from Seon Cheol

In Korea, most of Korean family prefer boy to girl. This is very deep-rooted Korean tradition. My father has 5 sisters since my grandparents wanted a boy. My father is the last one after 5 consecutive sisters. Now you can understand why Young Ju’s parents like Joon Ho. Many Korean families still like a boy since they believe that only their boy will perform a religious service after they are dead. In Korea, women are considered a married daughter is no better than a stranger. So men are only person who can perform a religious service for their parents.
Young Ju’s parents want Joon Ho to be a doctor or lawyer. This is also very deep-rooted Korean tradition. In Korean society, many Korean values the traditional four classes for society, which are scholars, farmers, artisans and tradesmen. So scholars are the high class, and are consisted of a doctor, professor, or lawyer. Nowadays, Korean society is changed, but these traditions are still rooted in Korean’s mind. A social phenomenon that Korean young people do not want to study the science and engineering is prevalent, and it causes a social problem in Korean society.
While I read this novel, it made me think about the question “Immigrants can not be American”. There is so huge gap between Korean immigrant and American. Korean immigrant cannot share their values with American’s value. The frame of reference of Korean cannot fit to American’s. In the U.S. diversity coexists with a personal value. But Korean have very fixed, stereotyped thinking that cannot be changed easily for the diversity of human being. That is why I say that immigrants cannot be American.


About Yuki's posting by Hyunwoo Park

I don’t just understand Yuki’s feeling that he felt when it was hard, but also I applaud him for his effort. I really liked his story. I feel like I just read whole another story. Even though there might be some differences depending on who they are, where it is, or how long they stay, every one’s having some sort of hard time when they goes to a new place. I also have had hard times now and then. In my case, it wasn’t so hard at the first. I was barely able to talk English, but I made some friends in my class. At that time, I wasn’t trying to get in the university, so it was a just language program class. All my class mates were non-native speakers, and that actually gave me confidence about talk to them. I thought although I was a horrible English speaker, they weren’t that much better than me. So I tried and they responded very friendly. Before I tried, I was feared about them not being friendly, but I was just a silly mind trick. They were in the same situation as me. They also needed someone to talk to. So I think when I first came to them and said hello, they were glad. We had some good time. But my problem came up after I decided to attend classes here. Other than me, everybody is native speakers. That freaked me out. Like Yuki did, I also had a hard time to understand what they were saying. I just smiled at them or said yes or no depends on what their mood was. If it felt negative, I said no and made I-don’t-like-that-either-face. I felt so stupid when I did that. I know I should have asked them to say it again, but I didn’t want to be some one who slows conversations down. After I lost my self-confidence of speaking English, I started to avoid talking with my class mates even when I completely understood them. It was hard, but like Yuki said, no problems last forever. I just faced my fear, and now I feel pretty confident about speaking English with any body.

Response to Amelia from Saynab

When I read the article of Amelia I agree with her comment, every child his/her first day of school will be difficult because of inexperience for so many child in one place together. It remind me those beautiful days in my childhood when I got to school my first day I cried because I was feeling shy but the teacher was a great teacher and she helped me a lot . So even the adults’ people will be difficult at their first time in anew place and every human being had that experience or they will have their up coming future. Every child hates the first day of school especially for woke up in the morning hours because they don’t recognize how important it is. Young ju come little jealous because when her parents didn’t give much attention as they use to before and it is normal for every parents when they get new baby they give more time for the newborn. My father was a good father you could ever imagine he was always around his family even if he had an important job but Young Ju father was not good father for his family. He influences his daughter in negative way because when he slapped her mom in front of her she gets petrified.

Response to Hyunwoo Park. (from Po-Kai)

From Hyunwoo’s response, I think have siblings is good because the single child is lonely. Before eight years old, I was live with my grandparent-in-law and my youngest brother lives with my uncle because my parents are too busy for working and they cannot take care of us. In my grandparent’s place, I cannot find somebody who is similar age to play with me. So, the only things I can do after school is go to field with my grandparent because they are farmers. I play with dogs, frogs, dragonfly, bugs and even snakes in the field. I have an interested childhood when I live with my grandparent, but still felt that I missed something in my mind. After enter elementary school, my brothers and I all back to live with my parent, and then I have chances to play with my brothers. We go fishing, climb trees and pick up fruits together, and even make a bow to shoot my grandmother’s chickens. That was an unforgettable childhood for me. According to my childhood, I felt that have sibling is wonderful thing for every family. Also from AnNa’s novel, I think Young Ju just shock by the suddenly changes from her parent, and she slowly adjust her feeling to accomplish the reality. However, she still points out that what her father has an unequal treatment between her and her baby bother. Her father still believes that boys are better than girls according to Korean custom. This custom exists in Taiwan, too. Many couples go to hospital and ask doctor for helping them to get a boy after they got several girls. This seems unbelievable for American, but it really exists. This kind of custom is influenced by Chinese culture because the ancients believe that only boys have abilities to take care of their aged parents, and this custom now still affects mainland China and even badly. I saw a statistic data from newspaper that more and more Chinese male who lives in China are difficult to find a wife because male are more than female. I hope it will not happen in Taiwan. 

response to Amelia from jiyeun Lee.

I think Amelia has same experience like Young Ju and me. I think everybody has same experience. Children always scared their first day of class. I think Amelia has a good relationship with her younger sister. I envy her because I always want little sister.
I am really surprised too when Young ju’s father slapped his wife. How can he hit his wife? She is pregnant and women. He is bad man ever. She said “I think this is a very inappropriate thing to do in front of a child. Young’s father is not being a good role model in the family.” I think she is right. I also think his action is not good for their child.
She said “The birth of young’s brother makes the relationship of the family a lot better. Daddy seems so happy all the time and he doesn’t argue with mom anymore.” because especially in Korea past time. Men love boy child better than girl. I think this is reason why Young –Ju’s dad so happy about his born. However, nowadays they did not care about boy or girl. They love both equally. Some Korean prefer girl even more than boy.
Anyway, I am really enjoy her response.


Jiyeun LEE #2 Blog

Second response from Young- Ju’s story.

Actually I am the youngest child in my family, so I did not no about having a little brother or sister. I think older brother and sister need more responsible than younger. My brother is just one year older than me, but he should act like adult when I was born. He should try to walk because my mom should hug (hold) me. If he acts like baby, my mom always told my brother “You are older brother you are not baby.” I think Young Ju has same situation like my brother.
Young Ju’s first day of school. She scared a lot from teacher and everything. I can understand her because I did same thing. I am always a little baby in my family. Therefore, I could not do it anything without my family even I am adult. I remember I really scared about being alone in school without my mom.
I think if my family immigrant to America likes Young-ju, I will be scared a lot about talking and speaking in English with other race. Actually, I came in America 18 years old; I was really scared about living and studying in America. Young Ju is so much younger than me. However, she is doing well in her school. I think she is better than me. She is brave young and little girl. I still uncomfortable when I am speaking English but when I am speaking Korean I feel more comfortable and peaceful.
Her parents use Korean in their home because it will help their children did not forget about their Korean heritage and language. It is really good


Dear anthony

Thank you for sharing your experience of your kinder garden. I enjoyed your feeling toward the teacher and your explanation makes it easy to imagine your crying face. I do not know it is good or bad, because of my sickness, I did not go to kinder garden which I loved to go and I stayed my home. However, I had feel same way against a teacher. I had a kind of hesitation to meet new people and especially people who are older than me. I used to have a impression that teachers are one of the most dangerous Homo sapiens because they have a some kind of authority toward kids. We obey, listen, and respect them even if I think they are wrong. Anyway, now that I have grown up now, those feeling are history. I love teachers and I have some friends who were my teacher. I know that they like children and students and they are willing to teach and listen our talk whenever we step in and try to know them. They do not know you before you know them. Let me introduce one professor I met two years a year ago. He is the professor who is teaching ceramic in W.V. the first time I met him was in the clay lab. I asked him to allow me to do clay on wheel. I assumed that he would say “NO” because I did not take any his class or even art class. But He was so nice to me, tough everything I asked, gave me a private lesson. Even more, he not only showed respect to me, also invited me house and asked me to play sports. I love to be in his clay lab because it is so comfortable and I love to be with him because he is not only nice, but has a sense of humor. I am looking forward seeing him after this break.

not forever (yuki shimizu)

I love Young Ju who has gone thorough the same experience with me. Since I have been here, I have been having a hard time to make friends because of my attitude toward people as well as lack in English skill. Being shy has anything but negative affects to be friendly. I hate myself even more because I knew that I have to be outgoing and smiling face. However, it is not a easy job for me who are not used to talking to others in my home country in which I am able to communicate in own language. To cope with that, I made a consciousness effort to put myself into the circumstance in which I have to be friendly. I joined the sports team where the bond between teammate is essential to win and enjoy the game. As the result, fortunately I have friends who I am still taking a contact with. Anyway, letting me go back to my English skill, I have told a lie more than a couple times to escape from the conversation with friends. I have said “Yes” or nodded to response to friends rather make a comment because I had no idea about their talk. Although, now that I can speak English a little bit better than I came here, I have less chance to tell a lie, I guess I may have a same felling toward English.
I love to say something about Apa’s feeling when he yelled Uhmma about the house. I assume that he is a really nice father for Young Ju and he had suffered from so many things which he has to deal with until everything get to settle. I think that nobody blame him about that accident because I felt the same way when I came here. I had a really hard time to be here because everything does not seem to go well and so many problems came up. Even though I almost gave up to stay here, there are many people who has supported such as friends and parents, also I did believe that the problem “does not last forever”.


Having a baby brother. Good? Bad? by Hyunwoo Park

I totally understand Young Ju’s behavior that she shows when her new brother comes to family. In many Asian countries, including Korea, boys are more respected than girls. So, even though Young Ju is the first child in her family, she is not expected to do much. When she says she also can be a president, her farther just laughs and says “You are a girl, Young ju.” He just does think it’s possible that she can be a president. Although maybe she doesn’t even know what a president is, her dad’s reaction hurts her little heart. When Young Ju was a baby, he didn’t even hold her. But now, he volunteers changing his son. Because of her baby brother, she’s kind of push up. Suddenly she’s forced to be old, old sister.
She’s still just a baby who wants to be hugged most of the time, but now she’s pushed out from the center of her parents’ concern. I have a sort of similar experience. When I was two years old, my baby sister was born, and by then, I was still being fed breasts milk by mother. After my sister came out, there was no more breasts feeding for me. My mother told me that when she was feeding my sister, I crawled to mom and looked up at her with pitiable eyes. I couldn’t possibly remember this because I was too young, but still I could understand that feeling; forced to glow up in just one day. Even though I wasn’t jealous of my sister, still I absolutely sympathize with Young Ju. She is even told to be reasonable from her mother. Her mother said that just because she’s now older sister of her brother. I think expecting to be reasonable from a third grade girl is a little hasty. The first children in families get not only benefits from being the first children but also a lot of pressure. They have to well behave and take care of their baby sisters and brothers right from the moment when new babies come out. Maybe I adore Young Ju too much, but I think she’s not old enough to bear this kind of responsibility.


Response #2 to Vonny (By Sunghoon Park)

Vonny thought that she did not like to go school and enjoyed time with her friends when she was young. So she tried to pretend to look like sick to skip classes. As children do that, I also liked play and spend time with my friends when I was child. As soon as my classes were over, I and my friends usually played soccer and went to beach. Even though the school was over around 2 or 3 o’clock in the afternoon, usually I came back to home around 6 or 7 PM. Of course, I attend private academic institute, but I almost absent because I was played with my friends at that time. If I think about my childhood in these days, I really thank to my parents, because they did not enforce me to study. That was, I was stronger and healthier than other children who spend their time to study and did not move their body.
I have three older sisters and I’m the youngest in my family. But my parents always focus to first sister everything. So I had to give up many things, because I was the youngest. I thought it was unfair and I had jealous to my sister. However, as we were grown up, she was used to take care of me. Sometimes they gave money, bought some clothes, and invited dinner. Of course, most of children were able to think and compare themselves with their brother and sister. But, as time goes by, we can recognize the importance of family and precious of family.


REsponse to Anthony (VOnny)

When I read Anyhony's response about Young Ju, it tells me similar thing about my first day of school. My mother brought me to the principle's office and she talked to the principle. Then there was a teacher that took my hand and walked with me to a class room. Once I arrived in the class, my mother said to me that she would picked me up later in the afternoon. Just like Anthony, I also cried when my mother left. However, the teacher was really nice, she calmed me down, gave me candy and asked me to sit next to this little girl with a long hair. Her name was Yunita. She became my first friend when I was in kindergarden. Unlike Anthony, I did not have a hard time enjoying my kindergarden. Since I found friends, I forgot all about my mother. Every morning I was really excited to go to school and met friends. Yet, after a few years, I started to dislike school. Since I reached first grade, I felt that school was really hard and I dislike them even though I knew that it will be good for my future.

My response to Amelia about having new members in family

Yes, I agree with you. Young Yu begins to love and takes care his brother when she is growing up. She begins to understanding what the responsibility for being a sister is. In my case, I have one brother and one sister since I was six years old. My brother and my sister are twins. My mother gave birth to them at the same time. It is quite surprise for me to have two new members in my family. When my brother and sister were born, I thought my mother gave all her time to them and she forgot me. I feel jealous about this very much, I did not like my brother and sister. However, I was grown up and I begin to understanding why my mother spent a lot of time to take care my brother and sister, the fact is that my brother and my sister need my mother more than my. I can take care myself but they can’t. I also knew that it is not a easy job for my mother to take care two baby at the same time. As the result, I something help my mother to take care the babies. I feel very happy when I see my brother and sister smiling. It is a very good memory for me.

response #2 by Sunghoon Park

Anna, the writer of “A Step From Heaven,” described that what Young-Ju had problem in first day of her school and with her new brother, Joon-Ho. Young-Ju was confused with how school was her future when it was not a long time away, because the future means a long time away from now. She thought that she was being in now. However, her parents said that the teachers knew everything and you should learn from them, so this was the reason why you should attend to school. Likeness most of children have same, I also was confused and did not think about my future when I was in childhood. Only thing what I did and thought was that the way how to absent a school and an academy without any penalty. During my childhood, I played and run with my friends out of school and did not concerned with my future like Young-Ju.
When Young-Ju got her new brother, Joon-Ho, she felt that she was not the only member of park’s family any more. So she checked her brother’s blue spot on his hip, because she thought that he was born in America. But he had it. I also had a blue spot, and it was the mark, which can prove the family and blood wherever they were born. All human species in the world have their own characteristic appearance. That is the one of things to prove who they are and where they are from. Sometimes I cannot distinguish with Korean students and Asian student, because the structure of body was same. Even if Joon-Ho was born in America and can’t speak Korean, he is still Korean, because of blue spot.
Young-Ju was confused with the language. Because she thought that she was living in America, she had to speak English, not Korean. But her parent spoke Korean anytime at home when they talked each other and they said to her. I know a friend who immigrates to America at 5yeas old. His parents always tried to use Korean with their son in their home, because his parents was concerned that he might be forgotten Korean. the life style and the frame of mind were different for me and him. Even if he cannot speak Korean very well, he still does not forget where he comes from.

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