Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Hello World :) This is Daisy

Hello everybody, how you all doing? Hope ur doing just fine in this class. First let me introduce myself ... When I was born, Daisy's flower was blooming in Amsterdam, so my mom and my grandma named me Daisy. And my middle plus my last name is Kusumo Wardani, in traditional Javanese in Indonesia, it means flower to. But this flower is different than the first name of mine; the meaning of it is that hopefully in the future I can be an Indonesian "flower" that can bring hapiness, joy, and contribution to my country.

Friday, June 25, 2004


who am I..

My name is Sunghoon Park, 2? years old. I was born in Korea with great family. Before I came in America, I was in medical student cause I wanted to be doctor. But the life in this school and the way of studying was different what i expected before. During that time, I had hard time because I didn't know what to do and I need the time what I have to do. So I went to army during 26 month, even though it was duty to all Korean men. Finally what I though in the army was to go to America to change the major, which was business. I took a flight going to New York with wonderful dream and blueprint in my new life, on September 2, 2002.

Finally I transfered to OSU. I'm not familliar with the life in Columbus yet, because the life style in NY and Columbus was totally different. Sometimes at night. I feel like lonely cause there is no sound around my home, so I often miss the noisy,loud and even people's voice at the outside. But, now I like quiet and clean street and surrounding area. Also people who live in Columbus are very friendly and kindness. That's why I'm here, meet great professor Crosby and classmate.

I hope everyone would finish this class successfully with excellent grade and make dream what you want.

What the...

I just finished my intro. , and posted. But it's not posted....
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Ahg........forget it.
By the way I'm Hyunwoo Park

My life (yuki shimizu)

First of all, I can not introduce myself well because even I cannot figure out who I am. Anyway, now that I am getting old and almost 22 years old, my brain need to be replaced. I left Japan almost two years ago to go to a small college in West Virginia. I had a really wonderful time up there. I was impressed how friendly the students and the professers are. I decided to transfer to OSU last summer due to many reasons. However, I got another culture shock since I have been here. Do you know WHY?

Let me tell you about myself a little bit more. I am curious about everything. thus, I try to do everything I can, I want to know everything, and I am not afraid to make a mistake. I joined the swimming team again when I was in W.V. and I had droped so many seconds in my special that i got award(tiny award which everybody can get). Also, I started to do clay. in last 6 months before I came here, the clay is everything in my life. I love to make a big stuff which I connect the small stuff I made on the wheel. The time I was in the clay lab was more than all of my time I spend in my room or class. I wish my major were art rather than boring accounting. However I cannot complain because I am here to study accounting.

Is that enough to know the piece of my introduction? I am really exciting about my new school, new friends, and new life. I hope I can have a great time here. However, I have still a hard time to talk, write, and read english. I hope this class turns out to be a great help to improve my English. Nice to me you.

About my self

My name Saynab Mohammed Iam from somaliland my native languege is Somali and Arabic, i was here in one year and six month i dont have any family here iam transfer student from Pakistan in Karachi Universty my major is Microbiology . i was in Ohio state university four qauter. I hope everybody in class will enjoy the time they have in class and i will be wellcome everybody in class with open hands. Thanks that was about my self.

The background of me(Anthony)

Hi, everyone. I came from Macau. I have been United States since Sept. 19, 2004. I am the transfer student from Edmonds Community College in Seattle. It's in the east cost. Seattle has a very funny nickname, rainy city. I think this is funny because I did not agree with it. The weather in Seattle is already sunny. It sometimes rains but not often. In my observing, I think Columbus got more raining than Seattle. My major is Electronic and Computer Engineering. I know that this major is really taught in this university. I hope I can survive in this major. This is my second quarter in Columbus campus. Everything is going smoothly right now. I had a really really bad experience in the first few days in Columbus. It there is a change for me to tell you guys, I would like to share with you.

Anyway, I would like to share my feeling about family and marriage. First, let me introduce my family to you. There are members in my family, my brother, my sister, parents and me. I the eldest son in my family, and my brother and sister are twin. As the result, they have the same age. They already take the argument on which is the elder brother and elder sister. They give my parents many troubles. Anyway, our parents love us. My brother and sister are still studying in the high school. They may be come here and studying abroad. I think family is the most important for me. It is invaluable, isn't it? My parents love me, so am I do. I have a new thought after I came to the United States. I will spend more time with family when we are together. Who is looking for you as the more important one in the world? I think the answer is your parents and family.


Hello, I am Yuki Suzuki

Well, I will introduce myself here to you, guys.
My name is Yuki Suzuki, and I am from tokyo, Japan.
I came to U.S just 2 weeks ago, so everything at OSU is new to me,,
I am having fun here though.
I studied intenational management at waseda university in Japan that has many
student around 40,000 like OSU, so huge and many opportunies to see other people.
Well, Waseda and OSU has an agreement to excahge studets, and OIE has information of
it and waseda. So, check it out if you are interested in it.
I think almost all class are boring tome in Japan because most professors do not have
volition and will to teach something to students.
So, to me, classes do not have meanings to me, and that's why I came here.
I came here to study marketing and some financing such as corporate finance, etc,,
but I found that there are many interesting classes here like art class,, I forgot the title though.. about photography. I absolutely take that class at the next quarter.
Closing paragrapph should be topics about my hobbies and the future...I like to travel all over the world, watch movies, and study(kidding). IBy far, I went Europe countries like Switzerland, Denmark, France, Luxemburg, Belgium, U.K, Italy, Austria, Germany..and I forgot. European coutries are awesome places, so I strongly recommend you to visit there.And, I went african countries, well of course I went some places in U.S ,,CO, OR, CA, IL, NY, and OH just like I am here right now. I really want to conquer(visit) all states in near future, so join me if you want. I love movies because those teach me some idea to live. I would say that "No movie, No life".
I think that's all but I think I can intridue myself more if time and my tired fingers permits. So, See ya.

My name is Seon Cheol Yoon

Hi Cate....

I am Seon Cheol Yoon , and I can call me "Sunny". I know that it is very hard for your American to pronounce my Korean name. O.K Let me introduce myself..
I was born in Seoul, Korea where is one of the populated cities in the world. As I've told before, I have 6 years working career of a computer programmer in Korea, but my major was economics and it is always a handicap for my working, so that I decided to study computer science int the U.S. for myself. I know I am so mature that it may be very difficult for me to pursue another college degree, but I am very confident to follow the classes that I will take at OSU.

My family is very small, with my father, mother and elder brother. My father is a retiree and my mom is a typical Korean mom. My brother is a fund manager of security company. he's not got married yet.(me too!!!). My grandfather was from North Korean, and he escaped from North to South very after the end of World War 2 with my father when my father was only 5 yeard old. Especially, the Korean war devastated everything that my grandfather had. So my grandfather's started his life without money in South Korea.

After finishing study, I want to work in the U.S. because working experience in the U.S. can be pretty much beneficial for me to promote myself in Korea. As you know, the good command of English is very powerful and good self-property, so I hope I can get the job offer in the countries whose first language is English.

Hello! I am Po-Kai.

Hello everyone,

My name is Po-Kai Huang, and was born and raised in a small township in Taiwan. I have two younger brothers, one is a college student and the other is a medical
doctor. My parents are textile mill workers. I like to watch racing, baseball game. When I was a junior high school student, I decided to major in electronics for my future education because I was very curious about how the radio frequency and electronics worked. I entered the Department of Electronic Engineering at Chien Kuo junior college in 1990. From 1993 through 1995, I obtained scholarships from the college because of my outstanding academic performance.

In 1995, I entered military service after obtaining my degree. I was a sergeant in charge of all vehicles and drivers deployed in our battalion headquarters. In 1997, I was discharged from the military and entered a telecommunications company, Chunghwa Telecom, which is the largest telecommunications company in Taiwan. My duties were designing, monitoring and optimizing their GSM cell phone network. I also worked as an instructor teaching new coworkers about network optimization. I obtained many
commendations from coworkers and supervisors stating that I am a good engineer because of characteristics including good team spirit, positive attitude and proofessionalism.

In 2001, I obtained extensive information from the Internet and friends regarding The Ohio State University and its ranking as the good university for wireless communication technology in the United States. So, I plan to obtain a higher degree at
OSU. In 2003, I left my job and entered Columbus State Community College to prepare to transfer into OSU. Now I am an OSU Electrical Engineering student, and I'll graduate in next summer quarter.


self introduction.

Hi !I am really nice meeting you. This is Jiyeun Lee. I am from Korea. My major is Journalism and Communication.
I has lived in domitory since this winter quarter. Actually, I am transfer student. I lived 2 and half years in near Philadelphia. I like to see movie. I really enjoy to listen and sing a music. I think Columbus is not excite city but it is good for your studing. Columbus is quite and small city. I miss my country alot,Actually I always go back my country every break after quarter but I still miss my country, so If I graduate next year, I will go back my country as fast as possiible.
Anyway, enjoy summer...


My name is Amelia Amelia. My nationality is Indonesian and i speak Indonesian language. i'm a transfer student from Austin, Texas. i'm a sophomore and my major is Accounting. Before i came to the United States, i had completed my high school years in Singapore.
My interests are shopping, watch movies, read magazines ( home decoration magazines ), working, learning new languages, meeting new friends and exercise. The reason that i come to the United States is because there are a lot of opportunities in the US.
My educational goal is to be able to finish my undergraduate, find a job for a year or two and continue graduate school. i'm thinking of having a double major such as accounting and finance.
It's a pleasure to meet all of you. :)

Amelia Amelia


my introduction

Hi my name is Vonny Sukri. I came from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am majoring in business accounting and I am going to graduate next winter. Once I graduate, I am hoping to get a job in US ;otherwise, I will go back to Indonesia and find job over there.
My family contains five people, I have an older sister and an older brother. Both of my siblings live in Seattle, WA; however, my sister is planning to go back to Indonesia sometimes next year. My brother is working on his MBA and once he graduate, he will try to find a job in the US.
I really enjoy living in the United States. I usually spend my spear time by reading novels, magazine, going to the movies, and shopping.



my name is lisa. I am from Indonesia. I am majoring in fashion merchandising. I am planning to graduate in december 2004. (can't wait to graduate soon ^__^ )
I love dancing, doing sports, eating, chatting, etc.
That's all about me... thanks....


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