Monday, August 23, 2004


War and peace (Vonny)

All four articles talked about war in different ways. Mead and Hanson talked about the definition of war and how war existed in human's life. On the other hand, Bennett and Ury talked about whether war is necessary or not. In Mead's article, she believed that war is an invention. As human's knowledge advances, war becomes more and more exist. Mead gave many examples such as the Balinese. These people did not know the definition of war; therefore, whenever there was a conflict between two people, they went to the temple and found the solution in there. It can be argue that the solution can be that simple because they were undeveloped culture. Therefore, as a culture or a nation become more and more knowledgeable, war become more and more inevitable. However, in Hanson's article, he believed that war is inevitable. He said that war is not an invention; instead it is a human's nature to go to war. War would always happen whenever the situation is. In Bennett's article, he believed that sometimes war could be the answer to a problem. He said that sometimes war is not the worst thing that can happen. Ury's article talked more about peace. He believed that war is not the answer to a problem. He said that war would lead to both losing because most of the time 9 out of 10 people that died in the war is innocent people. I like Bennett's article the most because I believe that sometimes war is necessary to solve a problem; however, I am not an advocate of war. I would prefer peace as the solution; however, sometimes peace could not be found. Therefore, I would encourage peace for the first option, but when peace could not be found, maybe war could be use as the last resource.

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