Monday, August 16, 2004


three articles

The common idea about these three essays is about men and women have expectation to their spouses. For example men should work more time and more money for the family. On the other hand, women expect that men should do household chores. Like in the Adler article, it shows that man can do household chores. In these couple years, father starts to spend time with his children and do some of household chores. For me, I agree that man should help some of household chores; however, I agree that women should responsible if there is something wrong with the household chores. And, I know that traditional family still works in my city. Men should earn money and work full time, on the other hand, women earn second income or smaller income and should take care the household chores. This is different with the article of “Why I want a wife”. In that article, it is impossible that women can work full time, doing household chores perfectly. I think women also need leisure time and do any activities besides household chores.

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