Sunday, August 22, 2004


response to Yuki Suzuki from Seon Cheol

I can not understand why Japanese emphasize they are the victim of atomic bomb in the world, and why Japanese do not think over committing an act of brutality toward Asian countries during World War II. William J Bennett says that war should be for a just case. However, what is a just case for war? As you know, Germany raised World War II, but no one agreed to Germany’s logics for war. Germany might think that their war was just case, but other’s side thought Germany’s logic was a sophism. So justification of war is totally wrong and any type of war can not be justified. Japan also occupied Korea during World War II. Japan’s just case was protecting against Russia, but we should know what Japan did in Korean at that time. Think about Vietnam War. The U.S entered the war with a just case of protecting South Vietnam against North Vietnam, but in the position of North Vietnam, the U.S was the enemy against their reunification. The U.S and North Vietnam had the just cases each other, but whose just case was right? So any kind of war should stop in the world. We should find a way for the win-win strategy.

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