Sunday, August 22, 2004


Response to Yuki Suzuki (from Po-Kai)

From Yuki’s response that I disagree to drop atomic bomb to Nagasaki and Hiroshima is a wrong decision. Before the United States drop atomic bomb to Japan, China, the US or many Southeast Asia countries already lost thousand of soldiers and innocent peoples because of Japan’s invasion. In that time, only the United States has ability to fight with Japan in Asia. According to the distance between the US and Japan, the US is difficult to send troops across the Pacific Ocean to fight with Japan. The US government wants to end the war as soon as possible, so they decide to use atomic bomb on Japan. This decision for Japanese may be too cruel; however, it saves more people in the Southeast Asia countries and the US troops. If the US did not use atomic bomb on Japan, then the WWII may need to continue many years. Then would be more innocent peoples and troops die in WWII, and the number of them is beyond the people die under atomic bomb many times. So I think in 1940s, drop atomic bomb at Japan is a right decision. People may argument that decision nowadays, but we are not in the war right now, and people cannot feel that situation that during the 1940s. People who did not have experiment cannot understand how war hurts them, so they always use their situation which they are living right now to justify previous events. This is unfair for people who fight against enemy and die in the battle field. We all know war is bad, so now; our responsibility is to avoid it happen again and not to justify the event that happened decades ago because it doesn’t help for each people. We can recall the tragic event to warn us to prevent it happening again.

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