Sunday, August 15, 2004


Response to Yuik Suzuki (From Saynab)

When I read Yuik’s reaction toward the three article’s, I strongly disagree with his believes. Yuik talked about men and women and he used some examples about men earn more money than women. First, the definition of marriage isn’t about money; it’s about everything love, passion, and children. When you get married with some one else you will be expecting you will stay that person for the rest of your life. Second, what is the definition of ideal man? I didn’t understand what you meant that but in my point of view ideal man means a man who can understand everything. Third, couples must share their household chores. You mentioned your reaction “If wives were out when men comes back to their houses, what do they think of meaning marriage”. Next, there is no constitution that is saying women have to be full responsible. As I told you before, the marriage is not about the money; men have to take their responsibility and must share their household chores with their wives. The household responsibility is something you could not finish all your lifetime and it’s something we need day in and day out. I also disagree with you the way you explained about the marriage “When I consider the reason men want to get married, some men seems like to look for the place for their relieves for fatigue after work”. But I strongly refused that, why are men getting married if they want to only a place to stay; the marriage is something very human being needs in their future and every person wants to his/her own house and kids but if the marriage would be a place to have relax time when you are tired their would be no human growth

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