Sunday, August 15, 2004


response to three writers (VOnny)

"The Second Shift" talked more about what women felt about household chores. The example that was used, Deborah, showed how a woman felt when she has to do the chores even though she has to work and support the family. Deborah said that it would drive her crazy when she had to do all the chores after working longer hours than her husband. Sometimes women feel this way when they work the whole day and bring more income than her husbands and still have to do most of the chores around the house. A lot of women feel that their husbands do not help them with the chores or do it poorly. In my opinion, the excuse that her husband gave about teaching an old dog is only to defend himself. I think everyone are given the same brain and as long as they learn in, they should be able to do it. "Why I Want a Wife" talked more about what women wished to have. In my opinion, Brady was summarizing in general what socienties' expected from wives. She said that she want a wife for her social needs, physical needs, and sexual needs. Most of husbands would want wives that can fullfilled all their needs. I would say that perhaps Brady's husband demanded her to be the wife that she wished to have in her essay. I think it is impossible to find a woman that can be the wife that Brady talked about. "Being a Better Dad" talked about how husbands sacrificed their jobs in order to spend time with their kids. Alder compared fathers in the 50s with husbands in these days. In my opinion all three essays are connected in some point that people would have to give up something in order to finish the chores; however, finishing this duty is one of the responsibility of having a home. When you live alone, all the burden of the chores fall in yourself, but when you share a home with other people, then you have to share the responsibility. All three essays showed that responsibility of the chores could not fall only to the wives; however, husbands have to help the wives in order to keep a happy family.

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