Sunday, August 15, 2004


Response to three articles by Jiyeun Lee

First of all, Judy Brady’s Article “Why I want a Wife” and Sylria Ann Hewlett’s “The second shift” are women’s point of view articles. These articles were written by women therefore they discuss and speaking for how hard to be a women (wife and mother). They give understandable and appropriate reasons to support their view. I am a woman so I really agree on their opinion. However, “Building a Better Dad” is written by Jerry Adler. This article is definitely written by men. Author talks about how hard it is being a man. I think this article also good because this article gives me a new idea of men’s situation. I never thought about men’s problem. I think always a woman is more hard work than men because hey shouls do house work and their job's work. However, it seems not true. Men also have a lot of responsibility to house like women does. This article helps me to understand men’s situation. It gives new image of men who are concern and love their child unlikely their father.
I think three articles is really good source to support my Rogerian Essay. They are really good sources. I think this kinds of men and women’s problem is never end because Men think I am harder work than you but women think absolutely oppositely. I think most good way to overcome this kinds of argument is they should think about each other’s side deeply and try to understand each others situation.
Fortunately, Men try to more concern and love to their child and house work. It is never happened past 50 years; therefore, we can predict better future.

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