Sunday, August 15, 2004


response to sunghoon (Vonny)

I completly agree with Songhoon that men stereotyped about women a lot of time. There are some men that want a wife in a certain way and expect their wives to do most of the chores around the house. When I read Songhoon's response I noticed that he was right about men forgeting their responsibilities as a father for his children and a husband for his wife. Some men were married based on love and after a few years, sometimes they forgot about their duty as a husband. Some men thinked home as a resting place where they should relax and enjoy their time after a whole day of hard work. What they do not realize is that to maintain an enjoying home, they first have to do the chores, otherwise, the house would not be clean, the clothes would be washed, ect. Sometimes men expect to come home and see the finish product without doing it at all; therefore, most of the time, the wives have to do most of the chores. However, now days, many women also have full time jobs; therefore, they also feel tired when they come home then why should the men get rest while the women prepare the food and clean the house? Fortunately, now days men are starting to realize this issue and they began helping their wives in doing the chores.

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