Sunday, August 15, 2004


Response to Sunghoon from Seon Cheol

Yes.. Men should change their stereotyped thinking, but our society should be changed before changing men. Our society is still man-centered one, and everything is controlled by men. Why? Maybe no one can answer this question easily. Our society force women’s sacrifice one-sidedly. So this is the time to listen to the voice of women. First, we should learn how to share the role of men and women Men should understand women’s part, and women should know men’s part. They should understand each other in order to make better life. Men and women are open-minded. Mutual understanding is the key to solve the problem. Second, I want to suggest the change of our education. we need to change the educational system. Education now has to teach men and women’s differences in proper way. In Korea, our education still teaches separation on men and women. We do not have many coeducational schools, still separated men and women dedicated schools prevail, so that many youth can not have chances on how men and women think over each other. Third, we have to find the way to increase women’s employment rate. The more job women have, the more men can share the housework with women.

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