Sunday, August 15, 2004


Response to Seon Cheol's opinion (from Po-Kai)

____I agreed with Seon Cheol’s response that women gradually change after WWII. However, I think another important factor that women obtain education accelerate this movement. After WWII, more and more women have educations in the high school, college and even graduate school. An education or knowledge change woman’s thinking, and also change their life. Because of that, women know what lifestyle they want, and also understand how to enjoy their life. Women had education are more independent than women who have no education because they can easier to find a job to support themselves. Women who did not have education are more dependent if they did not have skills to find a job, then they need their husband to provide their need. According to women can have education, their social class also became higher than before. For example, women cannot study in engineering at college because of the traditional notion that women should focus on non-engineering majors. Now many women study in engineering and have outstanding achievements. This shows that women can be engineering like men do. Another example: more and more women participate in politics because many active and famous female politicians or councilors exist in the congress.
____Another important factor is male hood also changing. Because women became more independent, men also adjust their role to fit into this movement. Men became more soft, sensitive or emotional than before. Now men can be a househusband to take his children and to do all household chores. The society does not despise these househusbands because the society also changed. According to these movements, our society becomes more and more sex equality. In many countries, culture or custom makes women may still have lower social class than men, but I can expect they will change in the so future because no one can stop this movement all over the world.

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