Sunday, August 22, 2004


response to seon cheol from sunghoon

According to Seon Cheol’s article, he wrote that the fight is a natural condition and also an inevitable concomitant of development of state. He supported that Korean War in the middle of 20th century divided two pieces in one country after the warfare. Still now, these two countries spend a lot of money to protect each of them. If this expenditure money for the army moved to another area such as welfare or for a citizen, this country can improve and develop more and more. Basically, I agree his opinion, because I was in the army for 2 years and experienced and saw a lot of money spending for maintaining army. However, in the world, most countries manage following for their profit and benefit. In the Gulf War, why does America attack Iraq? Is it just for the world peace? I think that it was not for world peace. During the war, America sold many weapons to Mid East Asia and made huge profit. Also, it gave helping to America economic development. Of course, the war causes many disadvantages such as losing a home, losing one of family and everything. But, I think all countries in the world always check other’s countries and always think that how to make profit to use others country. Base on this circumstance, the warfare is necessary and inevitalble.

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