Sunday, August 22, 2004


Response to Cheol(From Sayna)

When I read his article I agreed with him the way he thought about war. Cheol mentioned in article war is a natural condition. I strongly agree that war is a part of human nature and it destroys strong government and people. It only causes starvation, lack of treatment, and it increases the illiterate people. Cheol explained that war divides one nation into two enemy people. He talks about how his country divided into two enemy nations. I feel sorry for him because I have been through that situation too in my own country and I faced difficult situations in my life. The only way we can think about is to establish a sensible manner to solve our problem and to look forward peace. And to start negotiation with each other, and hope for the best and. According to William L. Ury in “Getting to Peace” he explains war is not the answer “Even smaller wars proved hard to win for the powerful nations on earth. The Vietnam War became a cruel education for the United States, as did the war in Afghanistan for the Soviet Union”. In this circumstances, indicate that war never proves any positive solution. In my opinion, we have to believe in peace that through we can reach our dreams.

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