Monday, August 23, 2004


response to Anthony (Vonny)

Anthony mentions that in Bennett’s and Ury's articles didn’t agree with war, however, they believe that war is necessary if there is no choice. I do not agree completely with this sentence. I think Ury was more a pacifism and he do not believe in war. Anthony didn’t think war is the solution of the problem. I did not agree with him because I think sometimes war is necessary to lead to peace. It is true that when war happens many would die and mmost of them is not soldiers. However, sometimes when peace is needed and couldn't be found elsewhere, war could be the only way to lead to peace or freedoom. For an example, when a country is under attact by another country, if we try to use peace and the other country do not except it, there is no other way except going to war in order to keep their freedoom. I believe that war is the last resource to be use when other ways could not lead to peace. However, war has to be done for a good purpose.

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