Sunday, August 15, 2004


Response to amelia's opinion by jiyeun Lee

I agree on Amelia’s idea. Everyone has higher expectation to their spouse but actually they do not think about each other’s expectations to them. That is right Brady’s husband’s expectation of wife is too high. I think nobody want to be wife. Being a wife and mother is the hardest job ever. They should think about husband and children before think about them. I think Brady really want that kinds if superwomen to do her work or she criticize her husband about high expectation’s of wife. I also think family need balance. Traditionally father and husband is like king of family. They control everything but nowadays family should respect each other’s view and situation. Its relationship is like Vertical to Horizontal. I think I should see “the stepford wife.” because I never seen this movie before.I really like Amelia’s saying “i think between husband and wife there should be a commitment and willingness to compromise each other. ”
I think it is absolutely true.

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