Sunday, August 22, 2004


Response posting #8 (from Po-Kai)

Mead, Hanson, Bernett and Ury in their writings are talk about the war or warfare. Mead writes about definition of war from history perspective. She points out that war is a invention since thousand of years ago; however, it still continue evolve. War now exists in many different patterns. Mead uses a lot of example to show different types of war. She also adds that war sometimes not so called a war. It may jus a stress or strain which exists between peoples. Then in Hanson’s article, He shows that war is unavoidable. Since human exists, the war also has been found in human history. He says that war is part of human condition, and it happens in any civilization. War sometimes is a good way to solve problems. War can be uses as means. Some countries need war to help their government protect their authority. Some countries need war to help them to fight off invaders. So Hanson points out that war is not always bad for people. Next, Bernett shows that some people believe peace equal to no war, others show that war is an answer or conflict resolution. She shows Christian belief that peace equal to no war, or war equal to no peace. She points out this belief is too extreme. Sometimes war is the way to find peace. War can create peace also. She did not agree to solve problem by using war every time. She states that people should be a peacemaker, and try not to use war to solve conflict situation. Finally, Ury in his article points out that war cannot solve every problem. Most of time, war create a win-lose or lose-lose situation for both side. He suggests people trying to avoid using war. Without using war, people can easier to have a win-win situation. Win-win result is the best answer for each other. So people should not avid using war in order to have both gain final result.

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