Sunday, August 15, 2004


Response posting # 7 (from Po-Kai)

____From three articles, “Why I Want a Wife,” “Building a Better Dad,” “The Second Shift,” I found some common ideas between them. These three articles are point out those modern women became more and more independent traditional women because they obtain better educations, and also modern men became more sensitive and emotional on their family. From Brady’s article, she shows that men expect their wife should look like a superwoman. They want their women can take of everything that he or his family need. Then from Adler’s writing, we can look at the family responsibility from men’s perspective. His article points out that man became more sensitive and emotional on family especially on their children. Finally, form Hewlett’s article, she shows that modern women need to spend a lot of time for household chores after their full time job. They expect their husband to share the responsibilities of household chores.
____These three articles also given us a notion that traditional women are more dependent than modern women because most of them rely on their husband’s financial supporting. Traditional women take full responsibility of household chores, and they seems not have right to ask her husband to help them for sharing it. However, modern women work full time and they contribute part of family financial. Also modern know what kind of lifestyle they want, so they try to educate people that women are different than before. Nowadays women are not servant or housekeeper because they have thoughts or opinions. Modern women will talk with their husband for sharing household chores because they want to have their own private time, too. Furthermore, I agreed with Adler’s ideas that men became more sensitive and emotional on their family. I think modern men spend more time on their children because their childhood experiences. Previous father focus on their business or job, and did not spend too much time with their kids. Now these kid grow up and became father, they don’t want their kids have similar experiences, so they rather to stay at with kids than overtime working at office.

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