Sunday, August 15, 2004


Response #7 to Yuki From Sunghoon

According to Yuki, the expectations between men and husband are different. Also, being ideal husband and being ideal men depend on women’s thought. He says that there are two kinds of women in the world. One is a woman who expects to her husband with earning much money and support a family well, another is a woman who wants to share and work together of household chore and taking care of their children with her husband. That is, it is depend on women’s expectation to their husbands. He also believes that many numbers of men expect that their household chores are decreased after they get married. For example, when they go back to their home from the office or working area, men make a dream that taking a rest with watching TV, not washing dishes. Finally, according to Yuki, the meaning of a marriage for men guarantees the comfort life without household chores. However, I think that when men and women consider about a marriage, they think how much they love each other, not calculate the duties and responsibilities about household chores. If they calculate those things, what differences are between a roommate and a husband/wife? Once men and women, who love each other, get married, they respect each other and make concession about household chores. That is the best way to lead successful marriage to them.

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