Sunday, August 15, 2004


response #7 from Sunghoon

What is the role of a husband and a wife in a home? What is the role of a father and a mother in a home? What is the suitable position of men and women in a society? Adler, the writer of Building a better dad, wrote that many women still have more responsibilities of household chores than men in a home, even though many numbers of women is working at a society in these days. According to his article, 16.3 million American children were living with just a mother in 1994 and 40 percent of those had not seen their father in at least a year. Also, American fathers are about average in parental involvement, spending on average 45 minutes a day caring their children by themselves; American mothers, by the way, spend the most among women of any nation studied, more than 10 hours a day(460). I believe that many men still think women have responsibilities about household chores. In other words, a home meaning to only men is a resting area that nothing to do and work. I think that men forget their responsibilities as a father for his children and a husband for his wife. Many numbers of women get a job and were involved in a member of a society in these days. Compare with past period, the spending time gap out of a home is decreased between men and women. Thus, men should recognize the changing position of women in a society and should try to share and divide the household work. For example, in a weekday, women have a responsibility to prepare a meal for their family and men have a responsibility for their family during a weekend. Everybody agree that the position of women is changed. So, men should not stay the stereotype about women any more.

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