Sunday, August 15, 2004


respon to vonny from amelia

i agree with Vonny that it is impossible to find a "perfect" wife in this world because as we all know, no one is perfect. however, i dont think all men want to look for a perfect wife, some men just have very little criteria for the women that they might marry. as long as they can get along well and have a lot in common with each other, i think they are okay with that. i also agree with vonny that a husband and wife must help each other because it is not fair for the wife if she is the only one who do all the household chores and work full time too. i think a wife is there to help the husband and vice versa. i agree that deborah can feel very irritated when someone always mess up the place because women are more emotional than men and they get irritated very easily. as for me, i will get annoy if the person that i live in cannot keep the place clean. i also agree with vonny that everyone is born the same, there is no reason that men cannot do household chores but women can because God created women the same as men. if women can work and find a job like men, then men also can do household like women. as an example, many restaurants have men as the chefs. it shows that men can do household too and even better than women.

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