Sunday, August 22, 2004


Resopnse to Saynab from Jiyenn Lee

Saynab said “war is not a solution in any time, any where, and in any condition.” Yes it is absolute true but some war can bring peace. Some war occurs because of preserving peace. After War always left and caused huge problems. Saynab said we can see three different reasons why war is occurred. I love her pointing out. She said “1) Unprofessional leadership, 2) Materialism: people who want to occupy another land because of their natural resources and their raw material, 3) and tribal problem.” It is true. I think Materialism is one of the biggest reason why people make war. People always want more and more. People always do not satisfy. She also provides bad sides of war behavior. Many people lose family, many people died, and everything was destructed. She said “I think the major reason why the United States government took military action in Iraq, was only for their oil because the American technology has been growing very rapidly for the past two decades , and they won’t be able to find enough fuel for their technology.” I also think this one also reason to US government took military action Iraq but I think this is not the only reason.
Saynab point out best way to make peaceful world is negotiate each other. I also think we need negotiate and understand each other. We need moderation (self restraint) and forgiveness. War’s consequence is “From Win Lose toward Lose-Lose”; this mean is no matters you win or lose both countries lost.

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