Monday, August 23, 2004


Peace to the World by Amelia

The four articles talk about war. The first two articles by Mead and Hanson talk more about the definition of war and how people view wars. Mead believes that war is an invention by human while Hanson believes that war is like a natural thing, war always happen. Hanson believes that war cannot be prevented because it is natural. The next two articles are more on argument whether the author agree or disagree with war. As for Bennett, he feels that war is a need to solve a solution and also to avenge the wrong doings and prevent something bad or advancement of good to happen. Bennett also says that if people think that war is something bad, then what credits do the heroes who had died in war get? Ury does not agree with Bennett. He feels that war causes many deaths, damages and doesnot solve a problem. He brought up an example that negotiation is the better way than war. He says the example of the Israel and Egypt war. Both of the country war for Sinai. Egypt wants to get back Sinai but Israel insisted on getting a third of it. After a negotiation between these two countries they just realized that actual Israel wants a warning from Egypt if any danger is coming. In the end the two countries become peaceful. Another example that he brings up is Nelson Mandala who decided to work together with the white minorities and in the end, the economy becomes stronger again. Nelson realizes that war doesn’t solve a problem. Ury also mentions that if a husband and wife wants to be in control and nobody wants to give in to each other, it will result in divorce. Many competitive companies have merge together and become stronger in economy. I myself feel that war is cruel and we should avoid war.

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