Sunday, August 22, 2004


last respon to Seon Cheol (By Anthony)

Yes, Seon Cheol. I totally agree with you idea about the war. The meaning of War is that mentioned in Ury’s article. It is a Lose-Win mentality. There are different answer come out. “Win-lose”, “Both Win” or “Both Lost”. In his article, he tells, “What became clear overtime war that a nuclear war would bring only losers.” I truly believe that sentence because we can have a war but I can’t use the nuclear bomb or weapon in the war. It is the consequence of using this kind of weapon will become really bad, that we can not immigrate and can not afford. Seon Cheol, I have the same idea with you in the case of Koran. Actually, not only the North and the south Korea have spend a lot of money in the army, but also in every country in would, they spent a lot of money on army too. If they use those money or source on the education, economic, and people health, everyone will have a wonderful life. In some situation, do believe that we need war to find peace, however, if we can find peace without war, it will the better solution to solve the problem.

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