Sunday, August 22, 2004


The last respon from Anthony

After I read those articles about war, there are different opinions between those articles. In Bennett’s and Ury, both of them don’t agree with war, however, they believe that war is necessary if there is no choice. It is right to take a war in order to get peace. On some situation, I agree with their idea. Actually, I didn’t think war is the solution of the problem. I am prefer the pacifism rather than to advocate war. People can use the other way to solve the entanglement between them. In the first articles, Mead thought that war is an invention, not a biological necessity. In some points, I agree with him, however, he gave many examples, such as Eskimo. In those articles, I would like the second one the most, “War will be war”, Hanson tells that can can’t be avoided. I truly believe his idea. He also gave us an example. Although it is not a real war, it is the direct cause of the war between Iraq and America. I agree with this, War can not be avoided in some situation. He also show how strong of American Army, however, the 911 can not be avoided. In those articles, there is a idea that all the article agree with. It is war is necessary or cannot be avoided if it can make a peace. This is my idea after I read those article. I hope everyone can do well on the final.

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