Saturday, August 21, 2004


Last blogin from Yuki Shimizu with tears

Every four writers agree that war is wrong. However, how to interpret war defers person to person. Someone say that war is wrong, but it happens. Throughout history, I guess that there is no time exists in which people did not fight against people. Also, someone may say that war cannot make anything beneficial to human. It may be true. There is the injured that have to suffer from it until he/she will die. Here are the people who have to undergo the hard time because of loss of husbands or sons. Not only the people, but the country must have to have a difficult time to recover from warfare which made them had used up all money and resources. The other people may say that it is the most awful, ugly, and terrible thing man can do. It could be true. Human have been seeking the own benefit such as money, land, prestige. Also, many regions have been related to warfare all the time and it have made them crazy. Or People may have used the religion for the best excuses of warfare. The revenge could be another reason which has made people to start involving into warfare. The sprit of “an eye for an eye” may seem to make sense and may the best way to solve the problem. Actually, the issue of warfare is really hot topic and the writers of these essays point out that war may be needed sometimes, not always. Because they said that it may provide something to people. However, in my case, I cannot hurt or kill people no matter what happened, even if my family member is killed, my girl friend is killed, or my country is destroyed.

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