Sunday, August 22, 2004


the last blogger response from Sunghoon

According to four articles, four writers show different conception of the warfare. Mead and Ury prove that warfare is just a bad invention and take everything such as money, job, and even family. In the Eskimo society, even though, there are many fights, theft of wives, and murder, there is no the warfare in their society, which means it is possible to sustain their life without the warfare. Also, after the warfare, there was remaining not “win-lose”, but “lose-lose” all of countries. However, Hanson and Bennett wrote that the warfare is sometimes necessity and part of the human condition. I think that the warfare is necessity in the world. Most of countries in the world and most of society in each country are running to follow their advantage. For example, in Korea War in the middle of 20th century, many countries in the world, especially America and USSR support and help two countries, South Korea and North Korea. However, what is the purpose to support two countries, South Korea and North Korea? Is it for world peace and just pure helping? The answer is base on the benefit of their country. After the Korea War, America control the government of South Korea and USSR control the government of North Korea. Still now, U.S Armies are staying in South Korea and control the Korea Army and Korea Government with priority. Thus, all countries in the world operate and manage their government with following the law of the jungle; the strong eat the weak. Because of this, the war always has probability to happen in the world

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