Sunday, August 22, 2004


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Personally, I agree on Hanson’s article because I also think war is inevitable because people always want more and more. War is part of our life and part of human condition. Therefore they want plunder somebody’s good things. This is reason why Japan attacked Korea or why England makes so many colonies.
This is one reason why war is occurred and another reason is people should protect themselves like September 11 US attacked by terrorists therefore they depend themselves from terrorist because they don’t want to more attack. We can also see opposite side of opinion. From William J. Bennett said “War is certainly hell” (687). And William L.Ury also said “An eye for eye and we all go blind” (694) .They are true. War is such a big disaster. I know because my country also has a terrible war; it brings really bad situation in my country. Many people died and everything was destructed. This is war’s consequence to both (win and lose) countries. However, we can not just endure ourselves. Human is not that kind of species. We are not saint. If somebody do bad things to you, people naturally they want to revenge and defend.

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