Sunday, August 22, 2004


Hi Yuki Shimizu from Yuki Suzuki

Hi, Yuki Shimizu. I will reply to you, because I like to develop the argument through replying like this, so it could be my counter-reply to you. And, I am concerned about your thought "The US helped for Japan not to be colonized from many nations such as the Soviet Union. The US have helped Japan to recover and build up own nation again". Do you think it is really? You should know 1. The united states made The Constitution of Japan(made for just 1week, so easy constitution), 2.Japanese were not permitted to compalain and argue about it. If the constitutions came from their own contries tradition, culutures, and value, Japan is occupied by U.S. Also, U.S army occupies several area in Japan, especially, Okinawa, and in addition to that, U.S announced that they will put many U.S armies there to strengthen the pacific area. However, Japan cannot complain it, you know why? The Constitution of Japan made by U.S made Japan rely on the U.S army, for example, U.S banned Japan to esatblish missile protection systems. And, when Japan proposed U.S to reserch new fighters, U.S just took advantage of Japan's money with pretending co-oporation. So, military strength and information strength needed for military lacked so much. Therefore, we Japan do not have storng position to speak out in the world, and we could not have enough information to save Japanese kidnaped by north korea. We cannot say "NO" to America. If America intended to make Japan to say "NO", I do not think U.S helped Japan. Also, you said U.S dropped 2 atomic bombs because of Japan's hesitation to surrender, I do not think so, because it is the surface answer to the U.S action of dropping bombs. It is really clear that Japan did not have power to fight against U.S at the end of WW2. U.S should have known it. Also, one day before Japan's attack to the pearl harver, Roosevelt decided to reserch and develop the atomic bomb, called Manhatton plan. U.S already knew that Japan will attack the harver, because it was easy to decode a code "Tora Tora Tora" with advanced U.S inforamtion tech. So, what I want say is U.S bombing in Japan is not because of Japan's hesitation.

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