Sunday, August 22, 2004


The Finally Blogging From Saynab

When I read the four articles Mead, Hanson, Bennett, and William Ury. They argued in different perspective ways and they defined different words in terms of war. In my point of view war is not a solution in any time, any where, and in any condition. War never solves the problem except it creates anger, hatred, and grief. War is the ugliest thing which human can think to do. There are different reasons that can cause a war. 1) Unprofessional leadership, 2) Materialism: people who want to occupy another land because of their natural resources and their raw material, 3) and tribal problem. War is only part of human nature and human addiction. There are ten of thousands people who are dying every day without any reason except a bad practice of mankind behavior. There are innocent children who lost their love ones and don’t have any one to protect them or feed them. For example, the war in Iraq was unjustified; the United States government claims that Iraq has nuclear power. The United States attacked Iraq without any approval of the United Nations, and at end they didn’t find what they were looking for accept shame, hatred and anger around the world. On each single day there are 15 to 20 people including children dying in Iraq without any explanation what so ever. In my opinion, I think the major reason why the United States government took military action in Iraq, was only for their oil because the American technology has been growing very rapidly for the past two decades , and they won’t be able to find enough fuel for their technology. For that reason, they want war and destroyed their reputation around the globe “Blood for Oil”. If we go back into the history the longest war on the universal was ended after hundred years later (England and Italy, 1337-1453) they never found any solution to their problem except many casualties and wreak. Finally, war makes only history and taught for us who we are, but the best way to find a peaceful life is to negotiate with each other. However, war is only evildoer action

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