Saturday, August 21, 2004


Dear YUKI SUZUKI from yuki shimizu

Dear Yuki. Actually I do not know that atomic bomb killed tons of people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is wrong or not. I guess the reason why the US drop the second one in Nagasaki came from hesitation that Japan did not want to surrender. Anyhow, I appreciate the way the US took to treat Japan after the WWI. There are the only two countries in Asia which have not been colonized. One is Japan. The US helped for Japan not to be colonized from many nations such as the Soviet Union. The US have helped Japan to recover and build up own nation again. However, we never forget that Japanese killed many people and Japanese also was killed and suffered from the war. Now that more than fifty years have passed after the war, the impact of the war is weaken and easy to forget. Especially our generation, the information about the war is limited and the awfulness of warfare is only from papers. I want them not to involve in any warfare never ever. As you said, we made history which is awful, ugly, and terrible. Even if Japan defeated Russia, China, or whatever, there is no reason Japan can prude ourselves from the war. Rather, it is shame, I guess.
Concerning about the U.S. they are acting like a hero or a judge in terms of warfare. The attack against Iraq may tune to be like Japan. It may help to rebuild up their country. However, nobody make it sure that It will turn out to be good. As the country which have not experienced the war in own home land, the US may not realize awfulness of the warfare yet. I want them to know the ugliness of warfare before too late like Japan.

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