Sunday, August 15, 2004


Daisy's Stepford wives

In the Brady’s article “Why I want a Wife”, there’s some expectation from her that a woman should be like a robot whom never gets tired or never complained for the task that she is been given by her husband. The first time I read this essay, I remember the movie Stepford wives. Where the wives of Stepford have a secret that is their husband deserve the best! Of course the wives of Stepford take the easiest way to perfection. They take the short cut. Just following their tips and tricks, you can be everything that your husband wants you to be. You’ll have the stress-free life and your husband will want you more. The conclusion is that in Stepford, all of the wives are far too perfect and the entire husbands are way too happy. Is this the scene that every wife longed for? I guess it is. But in the real world, being the perfect wife is hard work. You’ve tried Yoga and Pilates, but still cannot get rid of cellulite on your thighs. You’ve tried Kama Sutra, but cannot quiet get hang of the horse movement! Hopefully, every husband realizes that their wives are not superwoman. They still human with plenty of mistake and are willing to share their dreams with the one she loves.

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