Sunday, August 15, 2004


The Blogging # 7 (saynab)

When I read the three articles I found it some differences between them. Brady’s article was based on some reality stories that every men needs, every man want to his house to be clean when he comes from his work because some men are reliant on their wife’s. There are some men especially in the third world countries who believe that women should be in charge of the household chores because there are some men who still believe that they only should be the decision maker. While, woman does all the household chores; but in America it’s different because every woman in this country supports herself without depending on any one. However, women are the vital to every family particular when it comes to household chores. Usually women are good at indoors chores while, men are perfect for outdoors chores but some men are still expecting women can do all the household chores without any one helping. Hewlett’s article showed that some date base that based on the percentage between men and women in their household responsibility and every time the highest number were the women who take prime responsibility for their chores. It’s something that we all know men and women don’t share equally their household chores because, men expectation toward the women are potentially still high; but in this modern world everything is changing and more women are not depending on their husband’s any more. It’s more important spouse must share their household chores equally because some women have outside jobs and it will be hard to do both chores, the couples must negotiate their time and they have to help each other, as the Somalian say “One finger can’t wash the whole face”

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