Sunday, August 15, 2004


amelia's opinion

"Why i want a wife" talks about the expectation everyone wants for their soul mate. Brady wants to have a wife who is so called "superwoman" who will do everything from working to taking care of the children. another reason maybe her husband expect her to be some kind of a superwoman. i think in a family there should be a balance. if only one person give a contribution for the whole family, it is unfair and the marriage will not last. this essay reminds me of the movie "the Stepford wife" where they create dream wives for all the men. i think it is a very selfish act and unreal. As a husband and wife, they should respect each other and willing to give in to each other. the essay "the second shift" talks about the statistic of women doing more household chores than men. it also gives an experience of a a woman name Deborah who finds it very annoying that her husband cannot keep the house clean and neat. as she become more high paid and get a higher income than her husband, she started to feel fed up. i think between husband and wife there should be a commitment and willingness to compromise each other. the essay " becoming a better dad" state that men are becoming more sensitive to taking care of their children. for example, many successful men sacrifice to spend their time with their children instead of work.

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