Sunday, August 22, 2004


4 articles

These four articles show different opinion about warfare. Mead thinks that war is an invention. If you live in underdevelop country, you will not know what war is. For example, eskimo culture who thinks that war as an invention. Secondly, Hanson thinks that war cannot be avoided. It will happen in each countries. It is also part of the human condition. If the country has more gun or power, they will win the war. Thirdly, Bennett thinks that war sometimes is a solution of the problem. In paragraph 2, war is for a just cause-that is a cause that avenges wrongs or rights an injustice. In paragraph 15, "some things are worth fighting and dying for." ANd lastly, Ury does not agree with war. She thinks that war does not solve the problem and war is not the solution of the problem. For me, I do not agree with war because war is only satisfy people's ego which can danger other people's life.especially civilians who do not participate in the war. Also, war causes a lot of money to buy weapons, pay tthe soldiers,etc. we can clearly see that most of the time the country which has more power and more money can win the war easily.

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